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In Sickness and in Health

Dedicated to my husband…
When I heard this song by Chris Medina and watched the video of his beautiful lady, I knew this song was meant for my hubby.
I was diagnosed with MS three years into our marriage, right after the birth of our twins. Now wheelchair bound with many other issues due to the MS, my husband stays by my side.
I am one of the blessed ones…

13 thoughts on “In Sickness and in Health

      1. my dear sweet friend! You just made me cry happy tears.. Such a beautiful song and the photos of you and Roger and the kids are beautiful! You truly have a great man and he loves you so much!! It shows in his eyes when he looks at you! and I’ve seen it personally! 😉 I love you guys!
        I am so blessed to have met you due to MS.. (only good thing that came out of it)

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  1. It’s obvious that no matter what your struggles, your love for each other and your beautiful family has only grown stronger and brighter. Remember that besides being blessed, you and Roger together are a rarity that few are able to keep. I’m sharing for my newlywed and newly engaged children. Thank you, Tracy for your courage and for sharing. Love, Deb

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  2. Well damn you for making me cry! 😢 you are very blessed. Roger is a kind hearted soul with a big heart and it has your name on it❤. Your family is also blessed to have you as well. You never give up and I’m pretty sure it’s for them that you always have hope and plus all the fur babies out there. I pray for a miracle to come your way my friend. Love you Tracy!!! (((Hugs))) to you and your family.

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