Posted: March 12, 2010 in Celebration, hope, love
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It’s my 46th Birthday! Da da da da da da…you say it’s your birthday! Just another day. I’m actually 45 with 1 year experience and so on. Woo friggen hoo!


Woo hoo

So, I had called the lady who wrote the letter and she had a different person call me on Monday. She said as soon as I get all the bills I am supposed to pay to contact her and she will get me with the people who can take care of that. hmmmmm We shall see. Attorneys are still in the mix for me.

As for my birthday, it’s just another day. A cake would be nice, like a red velvet one, but hubby has so much to do I will not add that to his full plate. Shelby made me eggs, toast and bacon for breakfast before she left for school. She is an amazing cook at 13. That was a nice birthday morning. My other 2, Austin and Ashley, gave me wonderful birthday wishes. So it was very nice.

I’m getting birthday wishes all over the place and I appreciate them more than anyone knows. So thanks to all. [you know who you are]

Hoping you all have a fabulous day!

Blessings and Hope!

  1. Frannie1964 says:

    What does that mean? Is she saying that they are going to pay all your bills for you?

    Sounds like your kids made sure you had a special morning. I hope the rest of your day and night go just as well and maybe cozy up to hubby later and cuddle 🙂

    Lots of (((Hugz))) your way.


  2. Vicki Day says:

    Hey honey – hope you get your red velvet cake ……. if I lived nearer I would bring one but sending Fex Ex would lead to a crumbs trail across the ocean.

    Have a fabulous weekend xxx


  3. Kathy says:

    Yay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! yes a cake would be nice. Ahhh, well…

    And of course (if I understand you correctly) the hospital wants to get paid…then they can ignore you. Taking care of people isn’t their prime goal… Eh, ignore it today and PARTY LIKE THE ROCK STAR YOU ARE!


  4. Ruby Cantu says:

    Well you know if I was there I’d be baking a rum cake…or drinking a bit of rum and baking a cake, loves ya and enjoy your day.


  5. R. G. Maines says:

    If I’d have know what kind of cake you liked, you might have gotten a ‘box’…

    Happy Birthday Sweetie
    ((Hugs)) oxox


  6. Marya1961 says: velvet cake, I will keep that in mind!..Shelby, Austin and Ashley are wonderful kids. Hope you had a wonderful b-day evening with hub! xxoo


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