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Hell Hospital pt.2

January 29 – February 4 – Antelope Valley Hospital, Lancaster California. Second Floor East.


Plumbers?! Yes plumbers! Come on in and see the women sick, half dressed, sitting on commodes, needing help.

I guess a sink was leaking in our room against the opposite wall from me when i was in bed 4 [sink next to bed 1]. So, men [plumbers] were coming in and out of the room like it was nothing. NICE!!!!! Try sitting on a commode with strange men entering and exiting your room praying no one opens your curtain. Or going to use the bathroom whilst holding your gown closed so your backside does not show. Humiliating!!

My husband told me they were talking between themselves through the wall into another room on the other side of the wall fixing that sink as well…REALLY!

What the Hell were they thinking?? Either shut off the sinks until we are gone from the room, or move us to another room while the work is being done. I truly am at a loss with this one. Cannot get my head around it at all. WTF!!


Below are a few more pics for documentation of  my bruises I came home with.

one of many bruises
thigh bruise
tie off bruises
left hand 7 day
right hand 7 days
right hand day 7
Day 2 - lovely! lol

I have never been so happy to be home in all my life!!

I called their ‘Patient Relations’ today and am awaiting calls back from the director, head of nursing and a CEO!!

***to be continued***

Blessings and Hope!!

17 thoughts on “Hell Hospital pt.2

  1. I can Imagine how Happy you must be to be home, I don’t even like visiting hospitals let alone staying In one for that long. If only we were all there with you In your room protecting you.

    I hope the Head of Nursing, Derector and CEO are not mean like them nurses were to you. Hope they do something about all the things that happen to you my Friend. Your always In my thoughts and will pray they do something after you talk to them. (((Hugz))) and lots of ❤ your way.


    1. The lady I spoke with was so nice and helpful. I was ready to fight, but there was no need. I hope they are all as courteous as she was. If they are, I will be as well.


  2. Sadly I too have had a crap time in hospital – I could mention fleas on blankets and being dropped when rolling onto a trolley (nice) ……. but in some ways we almost accept this as our healthcare is free – it’s good don’t get me wrong but could be better.

    But you guys pay and pay and then this – you need to sue honey – sorry you had this abuse when your at your most fragile and welcome home xxxx


  3. I’m glad your home, too. I can’t believe how awful the experience was, there are no words for the inhumane ways, lack of ethics…glad you are calling and documented it with pics. Unbelievable!


  4. oh my word! im glad you are home, and i hope something will be done about the poor treatment you recieved!

    love you!


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