Vegas Scrapbook

Before I get into day 2 I wanted to share my scrapbook with you. I have done digital scrap-booking before but never the ‘real’ deal! lol This trip is so very special to me that it needed to be ‘documented’ in a way I can always look back on! So, here it is. [work in progress]



page4page5apage6page7apage8page9page10page11page12page13page14piccie clutchThe adorable pink clutch is where pictures from all the ladies donating to help my dream bathroom come true. The pics from the clutch are all in the scrapbook. The originals will remain in the clutch! I cannot help but smile every time I relive the whole Vegas trip. I’m ready to go back!

Day 2 and the Sisterhood of the Fab4o traveling bracelet will be up soon!

Blessings and peace!

7 thoughts on “Vegas Scrapbook

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time Tracy. What a great way to remember the trip. Something to take out and look at again and again. Thanks so much for sharing

    Love & Hugs ox


  2. Holy cramolee have I ever missed a lot! You got your internet working, AND you went to Vegas and had an incredibly good time!! I have GOT to check on you more often, girlfriend… :O

    The pictures are beautiful, Tracy. You always take great pics – and I think the scrapbooking thing is an awesome way to remember your visit. 🙂 I’ll stop by later on to see if you’ve posted more pics.

    I hope you have a great day and an awesome weekend, my friend. ((((HUGS))))


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