The Cable blues…

On Tuesday the cable was going out in the morning and kept on dropping. So I call and TWC [Time Warner Cable] tells me they are working on the lines in my area. NICE. Then she tells me that my modem [I own it] seems to be running to fast. OK! So she says I can use theirs, free of charge. That mine is older and may die soon. OK, sounds good. So a tech will be out that afternoon. GR8!! The tech comes and at this time the cable is back up. [don’t fix it if it ain’t broke] I tell him what the lady on the phone said, so we decide to replace it with theirs. Woo hoo all up and working good. He said they were still working on lines and that the next day someone would be back to finish something in the outside lines. Cool!

He was only gone 10 minutes and bam…lose the net. Now my network is not even showing up anymore. I call then straight away and they send a signal etc and nothing. Ok, another tech will be back tomorrow. OK then. I keep trying to set it back up. I can find the router no problem, but no internet is found. So, I wait. The new tech comes and replaces the modem with another one. We thought maybe the modem was bad. Now, he cannot even get it set it up. The only way in, is to hook my laptop up to the modem directly. WTH! It worked fine before you switched out my modem. On the advice of an associate on the phone. My original modem was fine. Oh why do I listen to people who don’t have a clue. I knew better than to change, but figured she must be right, right?! lol So, he says it must be my router settings need to be fixed and he cannot do that. He did try, but got nowhere. So I was like, ok then what do I do now? I guess hook up to modem directly. That defeats the whole ‘wireless’ purpose. Fine, I’ll play around and see what I can do.

He leaves and i start to play. All the issues are being caused by my isp’s dns server not being recognized. So, I call again, they do all the tests again, and nothing. So, guess what, a new tech for today between 5-7pm. Happy happy joy joy! Meanwhile I am still messing around with it. I get in a few times, but the connections goes fast. Every diagnostic says dns server issue contact isp for number. So, I call again asking for a dns number for my router. Nope, let’s try more signals. A BIG FAT NOTHING! The modem is reading the router, but the router won’t recognize the modem. I know this, been saying this for 2 days now. I now can find my network again [thanks to me] but it cannot find the net. Could this brand modem possibly not be compatible with my router? Why yes. A lady yesterday said for them to re-install mine there would be a charge! roflmao I think not, I said. I changed my modem on the advice of TWC employee, so you will change mine back for FREEEEE! The lady today says of course no charge. We will see if he has a different kind of modem and if not, go back to mine. They had better hope it works then. The modem has worked for the past 6 years and with this router for the past 3 years. It was back working the day they changed it out, so it had better work again.

So now I am hooked directly into the modem, bleck! If they cannot get the signals and dns to match, I’m done. I’ll go back to DSL. I never had a problem for the 8 years I had DSL in my old house. And now, they offer DSL here. [finally] So we shall see…

I am so lost without this thing they call the internet. This is my ticket to the outside world and so many friends I adore. I was getting so depressed. There are only so movies to watch and new shows to see. I am hoping to be back up and wireless again tonight. This hooking the cable to my laptop is not for me.

I miss you all, and will be back!! Don’t forget me! xoxo

Blessings and peace!