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Another quiet Sunday…

I hate the quiet all the time. It’s 105 degrees here and I so want to go outside and get in the pool and just swim. We purchased a 15′ above ground pool 7 years ago. In the beginning it was not a problem getting in… now no can do. I have not been able to get in for about 3 years now. We even purchased a dual staircase ladder to make it easier for me. Alas, it was good for a while. I so miss the sun and even the heat. I miss the water the most. 😦

I truly have become the “Vampire Mom’! The night is my friend!! moooowhaaaaaa

Halloween 2010.

See, I become one at Halloween. Love scaring the little ones!! 😛

Now to ramble… I LOVE Apple Support!! My MacBook Pro power adapter is messing up. Sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn’t. So I went to Apple support, online, and set up a phone call for this morning at 10 am. On a Sunday even!! The CS rep, Greg, got me all hooked up with a new one coming overnight mail. Then all I have to do is send the old one back in the pre-paid box and I’m done. So glad I purchased the Apple Care protection. I love my MacBook Pro!! The best computers ever… and they’re pretty too! lol

Hoping everyone is having a great day!

xx, Tracy...

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My fabulously fun and exhausting week…

The week started on June 18th. We began our week long vacation to 20 Oaks Cottages and RV Park. We met my parental units in Fresno to break up the long drive. Hung out at the hotel Saturday night and left for Clearlake early Sunday morning. We arrived at Steve’s and my sister Kim’s park around 2 pm. This vacation was also a bit of a family reunion. I had not seen my sister Kim for 6 years or my cousins for 18 years. [since my wedding] We all did the hugs and introductions and all that mushy stuff then went to see the lake.


It turned out to be unusually hot for this time of year. [figures] The first two days I went outside and hung by the dock to watch my kids go tubing and swim. It sucked that I was not able to get to the boat or even get in the water, but watching my kids have a blast made it okay. The heat finally got to me and my legs swelled up something fierce. By Wednesday I could not go outside during the day anymore. So pretty much slept that day away. This trip was definitely kicking my ass… but it was a good ass kicking and completely worth it! lol

The Family
having a blast!
my boy tubing

There are over 200 photos from our trip. It gave me something to do with my cool camera! lol

We left Thursday and headed back to Fresno for the Hotel stay. It was hard leaving the paradise that is is Clearlake, but we had to head home. We left the hotel early Friday for home. It was good to be home, but I missed my family.

BUT, my fabulous week was not over yet. My baby sister and her BF, Don, were coming to visit Saturday. This would be a perfect ending to a perfect week. I got to see my sisters and my brother at the lake and now my baby sister as well. We bbq’ and had salad and tasty asparagus and cookies and ice cream! YUM! We watched Battle Los Angeles. Basically it’s Independence Day with a few changes. Independence Day is a much better movie, but Battle LA gave us a few giggles. All in all it was a great end to a great week!

kids on a trampoline! lol
kids on a trampoline! lol
Laura n me!

This week I am paying for all the fun I had, but it really is soooo worth it. My kids had a blast, hubby caught the only fish [was then released], got to see family, took pictures, and for the first time in a looooong time felt some ‘quality’ in my life! It doesn’t get any better than that!

xx, Tracy...