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Go ahead, have a good cry!

I also believe that crying can sometimes be good for the soul. For me, I truly feel it releases all of the anger and the sadness and the confusion.

So go ahead, have a good cry, and then pull up those bootstraps and carry-on!

Have courage and be kind.

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In Dreams – Hell Hospital

Due to my Hellish Hospital stay, I think this dream says it all. I have been having it more than I would like to.

She slowly wheels her chair down the corridor, doors pass, she can hear the laughter, she follows the sound. It is getting louder, the laughter, the muffled voices, she is getting closer, she is at the door. People in scrubs all around, faces lost, standing around the bed, someone is in the bed. She is crying through the sounds of laughter. Her face is cloudy, her face is coming clear. She is no longer in the wheelchair, she is in the bed, crying. Please someone help me…

©February 6, 2010


Blessings and Hope!