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Don’t give up

I’m trying, every single day I’m trying. I have my courage I just don’t see anything changing. But I will keep trying.

Stephanie was here today and she got me in my wheelchair for an hour or so. It’s going to have to go very slow right now since I haven’t really been out of my bed since August 18, 2019 thanks to Independence Blue Cross. Since being denied rehab my legs my back everything has gotten worse. So now I see it taking even longer because basic rehab in my own house isn’t gonna work. But obviously they don’t care because they’re not the ones that have to live it. Just a short period of time sitting in my wheelchair the edema was so bad in my feet I was mortified. So, thank you Independence Blue Cross for denying me rehab you’re making it so easy on me. And please insert sarcasm wherever you’d like.

Have courage and be kind. 🖤

5 thoughts on “Don’t give up

  1. Oh Tracy, that’s…awful. I’m not sure what to say. While I’m glad you had Stephanie over to get out in your wheelchair for a bit, it sounds more than difficult and uncomfortable when coupled with edema. Really stupid question as I’m sure you’ve tried everything, but can we do an online petition for you and say you need proper fucking rehab? I’m not sure why you’re not ‘allowed’ it but that’s insane. And unfair.
    Caz xx

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    1. Yesterday has led me to a lot of realizations that I’m gonna need to really start to fight. After being in this bad for as long as I’ve been, I need real neurological rehab as my body needs to be retrained. Yesterday was an eye-opening experience.
      I might look into an online petition as that would probably be a good way to go. Thank you so much for your support and your words. 🖤

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