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Sleep…Imagine that!

Sleep would be awesome right about now, except for the fact there are razors blades cutting through my brain… his name is Roger. The Snore-EX worked great for some time now, think he needs to redo it, re-mold it to his mouth. His snoring is making me want to smack him over his big ole noggin with my baseball bat. I try to deal as I can rest during the day, but I need good sleep as well. It is a must when dealing with MS. I always laughed at people who sleep in separate areas, now… not laughing. He needs to get the mouthpiece working or it’s sofa city for him. I’d love to be able to go out and sleep on the couch, but once down I cannot get up by myself. Once he’s asleep there is no getting him to get his ass up and get the hell to the couch. So here I sit… irritated, anxious, pissed, and fucking tired. I have taken my meds to hopefully help me to pass out from sheer exhaustion so I can not hear him anymore. Oh dear meds, please give me relief.


need sleep...


It is just not my month… Depression has set in, I want my bathroom done already, I feel sick, useless, alone and just plain pissy!!

There is so much I need to get out but have no energy to do so. I blog in my head every night then by morning it’s just gone. I just want to be happy for once, that’s all…


xx, Tracy...



4 thoughts on “Sleep…Imagine that!

  1. I hope you can get some decent rest soon! I feel ya girl. Maybe we should let Roger and Rich camp out together….neither one of them would know the difference!
    I hope you feel better with the depression, too. That’s where I’ve been now for months and it just doesn’t seem to want to let up. I truly wish I could bitch about it the way you do….may make me feel some better to get it out at least. I so admire you darlin’ !!!


  2. I always wondered about people who slept in seperate rooms or twin beds even. But now I totally understand why. Hubby and I sleep In seperate rooms for certain reasons and It works out quite well for the both of us. I can sleep and he can stay up as late as he wants and smoke and play his games…lol, Plus I heard that I snore loud. 😦

    I hope yyou finally got some sleep or are taking a nap right now. I want you to be Happy too.



  3. You deserve a good night sleep and we all know snoring and jimmy legs (what my hub suffers from) does not help..we have had separate rooms for a long time, mostly because of health issues and it does not cause any problem for us at all, and when we want some intimate time, it makes things much more interesting…wishing you a wonderful, peaceful slumber tonight!



  4. Before we send Roger off to cloning we need to fix that pesky snoring thing.

    You need the bathroom crew to hurry up their job and then as punishment for taking so long they should start on a spare bedroom.



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