Please help!

This is the daughter of a co-worker of my hubby.

Jessica Lyahn Owens

She is 16
missing since 12/30/2008
last seen Simi Valley, CA
hair: dark brown
eye color: hazel
height: 5‘4”

She has been under medical care since July 2008. She has a skin disease and, as of yet, the doctors do not know what it is. At this time her legs are marked by sores. It goes away as quickly as it comes. It can be very painful. She left all her medication at home.

Two of her suitcases are missing.

She has never done anything like this before.

They found a note, in a spiral noteboook, saying how tired she was of all the doctors, tests, blood work, etc.

She had a My Space account which is now closed. She has a Facebook which is still open and the friends were all contacted. They say they have heard nothing.

John said it’s as if she had a second life. They knewthat depression was in her life due to the medical issues. Mom would come home every day at lunch to check on her.

She has had to be homeschooled and was at home quite often. This is due to the rashes, fatigue, etc.

Her Virgin Mobile pay as you go phone has been turned off. They will not do a call check for 10–30 days. They are hoping for 10. Personally this seems ridiculous. This is a 16 year old child with medical problems!! But that’s the law!

She is 16 and scared. She is 16 and dealing with a sometimes painful disease.

We are waiting for the warrant for myspace as it may be someone there who picked her up. She has no car.

Please, add this to your emails, your blog sites, your myspaces and facebooks.
I hope and pray she will found…

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