It’s a Pity Party and you’re invited!!

For those who do not want complaining, or moaning and groaning, or just plain bitching… do not read any further. You have been warned.

It is, really!

Being crippled sucks, and no tomorrow is NOT a new day. Ok, well it is a new day, but won’t be any different than today. I’ll still be crippled and still be pissed. If that bothers you when I say that, then move on. I envy other criptastic people that can ‘deal’ with their illness and be shiny happy, but that’s not me. Sorry!! I really wish I could, but then I look at my power chair and am slapped back into reality.


I had to do a hooker bath tonight. You know, when you get some towels and wash yourself. Yup, that. Then had to wash my hair in the sink. Luckily I have hospital type body cloths with aloe even. 😉 So that does help. With my shower under construction I have to use the guest/kids bath/shower unit and it is too stressful. Yes, stressful. My shower chair fits in sideways and trying to get my leg up and over the tub sides scares the shit out of me. By the time I get done I am anxiety ridden. So, it s easier to do it like a hooker does. Come on, you know they do sometimes, please!!

After the shower and feeling more crippled than ever I decided I want a friggen’ beer. Corona with lime to be exact. Hmmmm How to ask hubby [recovering addict/alcoholic of 13 yrs] to go buy me some. See, thanks to being crippled, I cannot just ‘pick up and go’ like most can. Now hubby has no problem doing this for me, but it bothers me. **He just called to tell me they only have regular Corona… bring it baby!!** lol Isn’t he sweet. Yes he is, but I want to do those things. I want to be able to just get up and go. Sadly my get up and go done got up and went a long time ago. The next time you get pissed that you have to ‘run’ to the store for something, GET OVER IT and be glad you can do that. Those are more of the little things I took for granted before I got this fucking MonSter MS! What I would give to be able to have to run all over the place and go to a job I hate!! lol

This is just for shits and giggles!!

Sorry, but ya know it’s funny!! Thank God he is out of office… Shit, did I type that out loud. Man, I do need a drink!! lol

So, hope you come to the party. Feel free to bitch away. For those that do not like that, then you should not have read this blog, I warned you!! HA!

Blessings and Hope!!