My Vegas Video

This is my first video using my iMovie on my Mac. So cool.

The video is of the trip, the drive home and the makings of the scrapbook.

The fabulous ladies you will see are: Laurie, Lu. Cynthia, Yana, Kelly, Esther, Stephanie, Daisy and my hubby [not a lady] Roger.. oh and moi! lol

I love clouds, so you will those. lol The coolest part of the drive home was what I like to call, Atomic city. It is a grouping of home directly across from the Federal Penitentiary that look as though a bomb went off. Hundreds of homes condemned and broken. I would love to go there at night and get some pics, but being across the street from the Pen, probably not a good idea! lol

The song is by Nelson – Everywhere I Go.