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Sci-fi Fliks

I’m a huge Horror/Thriller movie lover, but not a huge fan of creepy flesh eating creature movies. Pandorum [2009] was not the typical creepy flesh eating creature movie. It had a really good plot, a couple of WTF moments and a few, jump out of my chair holy shit moments as well.

Two men awaken in their hyper-sleep chambers on a huge spaceship with no idea where they are, who they are, or the year they are in. Dennis Quaid [Lt. Payton] stays behind in the room they awakened in, while Ben Foster [Cpl. Bower] heads out to look for clues. They soon realize they are not alone. Secrets are slowly revealed and survival is more important than ever.

There are a few twists and turns, so pay attention while watching. There are some bloody moments, but not too many as to take away from the plot of the film.

All in all I feel this is a movie to see, especially if you like Sci-Fi!

Blessings and Hope!