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In Memory

My brother-in-law passed away suddenly. He leaves behind his beautiful wife and his little girl. I can not imagine the pain my baby sister is feeling. If you pray, pray for those he leaves behind. Send thoughts and blessings for strength. He was a big kid, he was funny, and he loved my sister and their beautiful daughter with everything he had.  The world is a little bit darker without him in it.

Hold those you love close as we just never know…

Have courage and be kind 

Donald Keith Aymar 6/7/72 – 2/15/20 ♥️


Completely and utterly unsure

I’m not sure I like the person I was before I got sick anyways. I don’t think I’ve ever really liked myself. I just hope part of me can still be found. I see all of the motivational quotes and things where they talk about being brave not bitter blah blah blah  I guarantee you the people who make up those quotes are not chronically ill. 😂 Just like the people who say money can’t buy you happiness probably have money.  I don’t even know why am blogging right this minute. I saw the quote in the image that I posted and ended up here.

And now trailing off to something completely different, I think there’s a fracture in my right hip. The more I try to move the more things that break. So really you tell me what the point is…

Have courage and be kind

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To Live, To Exist

Living and existing are two very different issues. I believe most people just exist. I find this quite sad. In my situation I am only able to ‘exist’. How I wish I could truly ‘live’.

My life, ninety-five percent of it, is spent in a bed. I’m a prisoner in my own home/body and I didn’t even commit a crime. Constant back pain and edema make it hard to ‘tool’ around in my wheelchair. We can no longer afford a caregiver, so most days I’m on my own. Thank the Universe for my rescue pups.

If I sound miserable… it’s probably because I am! lol I know, not funny. The old adage, you don’t get it until you get it, is so true. I’m a realist…I have to be. I’m not going to get better or go in to remission. If I am unable to try the new medication, Ocrevus, I’m fucked. I talked to a department of my Blue Cross ins. regarding the medication and if they will cover it. I was told no at my neurons office, but figured i’d go straight to the proverbial horse. It may not even work, but I have to try. But, like my one blog says, I may not even qualify for the medication. That’s on the maker of the medication.

It is all bout the numbers, not our well-being. It’s more important to keep the percentage up then to get the medication to those of us who have severely progressed. The GREED that is America!!

For those of you [healthy peeps] reading this, just existing, get the fuck up and LIVE!!! Go on that trip you keep putting off. Wear that ‘dressy’ outfit to the grocery store. Play hooky with your kids and get to the beach or hit the park. Get out of your ‘safe’ zone and go skydiving… you know what I’m saying. LIVE PEOPLE!!! You do not know what tomorrow may bring. I NEVER thought I would get ill. I wasted so much time. Please, I beg of you, don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you can do it, do it now…

Peace out!


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The Fight to Save Lennox

UPDATE: RIP sweet Lennox!!! Boycott Belfast!! A disgusting mis-carriage of justice that we will not stop fighting. It’s not over BCC, now it’s ON bitches!!!!



This is not only about saving Lennox’s life, it is about a law [BSL] that should not exist!!

For this poor babies full story please click the link below, read his story, and sign the petition. Time is of the essence!

The Lennox Campaign

Lennox in happier times
Beautiful boy!
Lennox in custody…

The bottom line is that Lennox has been falsely imprisoned due to BSL laws. The irony is that he has NO pit in him! [not that it should matter]

The family did all the right things, he was chipped, licensed, and had dna blood work done showing he is ‘pit’ free. So, why was this family pet and service dog to the daughter with sever asthma taken? IMHO, to make a mistake by animal control not look so bad. They went to the wrong address, saw Lennox and had to make up for their error. All the while Lennox was kissing on and rubbing up to the officer as she measured him with a seamstress tape measure. Little did the family know lies about this meeting were about to surface from the officers mouth to cover up her ‘fuck-up’!!

This has gone on for two long years. The family is not allowed to even visit him. I’m sure pedophiles, murderers, and other real criminals are allowed visitation in Belfast! How is this right??!!

Now with all legal avenues exhausted, the High Court in Belfast says he need to die. Even with pictures showing him loving on the officer!! WTF!!!!!

Yes, they could try another appeal to the High Court in England. Another two or more years for him to be abused.

Hair loss, weight loss in custody

Would you put your baby through this? Would he survive more years?

The family is now fighting to have him re-homed. They of course want him with them, but they are willing to do anything that will save his life. They love him!!

He has a home all ready for him in the USA! All expenses paid!! Belfast has had this offer for months and has not yet replied. But, maybe you can help!

I beg of you to go here and send an email to Belfast. Follow the directions in the note and please be cordial and respectful if you add anything in your email. His life depends on it.

click me!

Please help, we cannot let this boy die!!!

Blessings and Hope for Lennox