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Toe gripping…I think

Normally my left foot does a toe curl thing that I cannot control. It’s quite sexy! 😛 When it happens Roger will try and straighten out my foot. Bottom line, I cannot control the toes on my left foot or the foot for that matter. My right foot has more movement, but I cannot grip them on my own. I guess they call it toe clawing.

NOT my foot!

Well today Roger helped me shower in the kids bathroom again. When I finally got out he went to get me some jammies. Me being me and not waiting for him, got up and tried to get to the sink to rinse with my fav, Listerine. I started tipping over going down and all of a sudden my toes, on both feet, gripped the ground and balanced me!!! I am not sure if Ampyra also works with the feet, but for me this is a first. I was so excited and thinking it was a fluke, I made myself tip again and again gripped and balanced. So, here I sit gripping and un-gripping my toes all by myself.

Could be a start? I don’t know, but I’m taking it!

Blessings and Hope!