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First do no harm…

I think doctors forget, or simply don’t care how they speak to their patients, and how those words can affect them. Tonight in a very blasé tone while shuffling papers and speaking with the nurse that was in the room via FaceTime, Dr. Kareti from AV neuroscience, told me I am end stage MS and there’s nothing more they can do for me. The humorous part is the that their doctors office is why I’m trapped in bed from pain from hip contractures. No one found the break at L1 when I fell October 2013 which landed me in the bed. No one got me the little kickstand boots to keep my legs in proper position.  I mean if I had known then what I know now I could’ve done all this stuff on my own. Unfortunately I’m not a doctor and that’s why I was going to doctors because I thought they would know what to do. And now, there’s nothing more they can do for me. Oh wait, I forgot, they can contact hospice for me… 

Oh oh oh… I tried telling him about the Physical Therapy fuck up and the visits or lack there of, and he just blew it off. I mean he was really busy looking at papers on his desk and handing things to the nurse. I must’ve interrupted him with my FaceTime appointment.

So to sum it the fuck up, basically because I have severe pain and am unable to get out of my bed, I should just throw in the towel.

Game on bitch!

Have courage and be kind

… I just read this again and I should probably just burn it down because the pain is terrible and the pain is just so intense right now I shouldn’t be blogging about anything. But I’m gonna leave it I just felt the need to say sorry. I’m a little lost and so angry. I seriously can never catch a break.

And like I always say;

7 thoughts on “First do no harm…

  1. This is making me so angry, when I think that I have a neuro-gym at my neurologist’s office…Why? Because they help people like you that need it. They know physio helps. They don’t let you down, tell you there’s nothing they can do. They try, and they don’t give up. Fuck this pisses me off. I love you Queen ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. What the fuck kind of asshole is this doctor? Never in my life have I ever had a doctor tell me there was nothing to be done…if they could not help, they found another doctor who they thought could. You are being toyed with and I don’t think the state of California really gives a shit about anyone…so sorry this is happening, it is horrible and deserves to be reported!

    Always here my precious friend! ♥️♥️♥️


  3. I’m so sorry you deal with this healthcare system that is continuing to fail you. F*#ktards .. perfect name for them 😉
    But you know what.. You have such strength, and will show them just how much! ❤️
    Wish I was there to hold your hand through all this! Love you my Dr. Evil 💕 Stay strong my friend! My phone is always on

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    1. Oh my gosh that is the perfect name for them! I wish you were here as well my mini me! We need to talk very soon!
      And I think I get my strength from you! I love you! ❤️😘


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