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Minute by Minute

One day at a time. More like one minute at a time for me. I really need to believe this and follow it. As of late I’m finding myself wondering about my future with this MonSter of a disease.  I need to stop torturing myself. All I can see in my future is nothing but this bed and this room. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer, it’s just what’s been going through my head lately. I know the odds for people with aggressive forms of primary progressive MS.  I try so hard not to dwell on what might be, but it’s very hard sometimes. I watched a documentary of Annette Funicello and my heart was broken. I know that she would not have wanted to be remembered that way. I could be way off base and maybe she wanted people to see her like that, but there was nothing in her eyes anymore and I wept for her.  I am well aware that this disease is the snowflake disease and no two people are alike, but it’s still hard to watch someone’s struggle with a disease just like yours. Just like I tell people not to google their symptoms, I probably shouldn’t watch movies or documentaries about people like me. 😉 Again, I need to follow my own advice.







I’m just so over this MS thing! I just want to give it back and get a refund. 😊 It’s like, I’ve tried it I don’t like it, please take it back. In a perfect world…

That is all, for now.

Have courage and be kind! ♥️


13 thoughts on “Minute by Minute

  1. You are definitely NOT a debbie downer! The feelings you have are completely normal and most of us with MS probably feel the same! I was diagnosed with RRMS almost 18 years ago and I am more the certain it has progressed. The relapse I had last year, October to be exact, nothing has changed! I am still battling the tingling, fatigue, terrible pain and much more! I am going to be getting another MRI soon and I am scared what the results will read! You my dear are a MS warrior and you fight hard! I do wish there was a refund policy, I do not even need my money back I just want it to GO AWAY! We will keep up the fight until there is a refund available!

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    1. I will be keeping you in my blessings regarding your upcoming MRI. I have a friend who had a wicked bad relapse that took over a year and a half to go away. But it finally did and she got back most of what she thought she lost. So hold on to hope.
      We really do need a refund policy. 😉 like you I don’t even need money back. Thank you for always leaving me such wonderful messages. 🧡

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      1. Thank you sweetie! It sounds horrible for me to say this, but it is good to know you know someone that had a bad relapse that took over a year and a half to heal because I won’t lie, I have been worried my relapse in October would never get better! You are giving me hope and I really appreciate that! Honestly, I read your comment at the perfect time because I was just reading another girls post and it had me in tears, thinking WAY too much!
        Maybe we should talk to someone about creating a refund, no money required for us MS warriors!!!

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      2. I’m glad it helped you feel better. She was actually in a wheelchair for almost one year of that time. There is always hope!
        My problem is I overthink things way too much as well. LOL it’s hard not to sometimes.

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      3. Is she still in the wheelchair? Oh my see I am a lot like you, I overthink everything and then overthink what I am overthinking! I do not know if that made any sense at all, but that is how my mind works!

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      4. The last time I spoke with her She was up walking and on the occasional had to bring her walker with her. But she has not had to go back to the wheelchair and it’s been nine or 10 years now. So no overthinking and worrying. You’ve got this!

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