Anger · RANDOM

Big mistake, HUGE!!

I have no problem if you want to talk crap about me… but mess with my friend, then we have a problem.

mmmm hmmmm!!!

Being the person who I am, I will NOT mention your name, as you know exactly who you are. My blog allows comments too… yours does not, wonder why? Maybe you cannot handle the truth. Sad really. I commented on your blog, did not call you any names… ok may ignorant in a round about way, but when you call my bff a cripple, the gloves come off. Too bad your information is all wrong and you brought someone into this that had nothing to do with it. Big Mistake, big, huge!! Now I see you have removed comments… you make me lmao!!

If you read this, which I’m sure you will, please contact me and come out from behind your computer. I would love to ‘chat’ with you. I feel sorry for you that YOU seem to be making this an issue while blaming everyone else for your short-comings…

Sorry to my faithful readers for bringing this here, but since she has a habit of deleting and blocking people, had to be done!


BTW, contact me at … now you cannot say you had no contact info!

18 thoughts on “Big mistake, HUGE!!

  1. Tracy, that’s what I love about you… you tell it like it is and you don’t take any shit from anyone. You go girl!


    1. Exactly, I have never even spoken with this person. She changed all the ‘derogatory’ comments since I tried to post to her blog regarding this. Now you cannot comment anymore. Screenshots do not lie. You can call me a cripple all you want, my friend… NOT so much!!!


  2. Well, I have no idea who this person is you’re referring to, but I do know who they talked shit about and I’m with you….the gloves are off!!!
    Give em hell Ruby and if you need any help, just say the word. I have quite a bit of frustration to get out and this would be the perfect way to release it, on a scumbag who deserves their ass beat!


  3. Boy, i wish some people would stop causing such bullshit in this world…don’t we all have enough our plates, then to have to put up with assholes who cause nothing but problems…you see it all the time..wish i knew who she was, Tracy, as i could really use a punching bag right now!!


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