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May I have some cheese with my Whine? Whiny Bitch alert!

Will you call the whaaaaambulance? How about some whhaaburgers and some french cries with a Mountain Boo Hoo!!

This be me…

Finally got rid of a two day migraine. A couple Ibuprofen for the pain, Benadryl to help me sleep, and coffee when I finally woke up this afternoon. Relief… for a lil bit anyways!!

Now my friggen right side of my jaw is in so much pain I cannot think straight. Is it my teeth? Maybe. Could it be a jaw issue? Maybe. I do not want to go to the dentist. I floss 2-5 times a day and brush twice day. WTF!! It’s probably thanks to all the amazing medications thanks to my MS causing my teeth issues. The dentist told me before, it can happen that way. Again I say…WTF!! Really?? One pain goes away and an even more agonizing pain starts. I almost squeezed a whole thing of Orajel on the right side of my mouth. When will the insanity stop, or at least cut me a fucking break??

How much am I, or anyone else for that matter, supposed to take. Please do not quote anything to me either. I think I have had my share of pain, my share of sadness, my share of shit. People tell me, ‘ You’re never given more than you can handle!’ Bullshit, that ended about 3+ years ago when a chair became my only means of ‘walking’.  I cannot take anymore, take it back, I do not fucking want it.

So, now it is probably root canal time. Really…am I going to miraculously get the money for it?? Don’t think so. So, I will just have to deal with the pain for awhile.

Please do not tell me it could be worse. As it does get worse every day. Funny thing is, no one with disabilities or illness’ ever say that, it’s the ‘healthies’ that do. So I say to them, ‘It could be worse!” But I hope for them it does not become worse.

Ok, I am off my ‘Whiny Bitch’ soap box….for now!!

Blessings and Hope!

24 thoughts on “May I have some cheese with my Whine? Whiny Bitch alert!

  1. I’m so sorry Tracy! I wish I could help take some of it away for you. Glad your headache finally eased up. Now hope your mouth gets better. Feel better soon sweetie. Love ya! xoxo<3


  2. I hate it when people say, “It could be worse”. You know what? It can ALWAYS be worse!!! That is no consolation!

    Feel better soon! (lol – I just had this strange impulse to call you “Hon” – as in “Feel better soon, Hon.” I NEVER call anyone Hon!?! WTH??)


  3. I had my bitchy whiny blog today… feeling like a pity party, threw me one and no one freakin’ showed up… so if you bitch and whine and no one hears you, does it count?

    It’s funny you mentioned jaw pain, cuz I’ve had that recently. I thought it was a remnant of my migraine…. think that’s possible?

    All the teeth on the right side of my head, bottom jaw, ached like I can’t even describe, the jaw bone itself hurt, as did the glands under my jaw.

    I never experienced that before after a migraine, but I’m wondering if it’s some sort of ‘progression’???

    Hugs and Kisses… Love YA!!


      1. I did, a half hour or so when I get off skype then I read about 200 pages, then I got back online, browsed around then tried again and got about an hour…totally sucks, BTW did I mention I played pool…not sure how I managed but I did and I won…I’m not a pool player and I can’t do any fancy shots…and I was standing straight…what a sight….LOL


  4. My husband just reminded me that the doctor thought my jaw pain was a ‘virus’. I suppose because I told her it hurt down into my glands, she assumed some sort of virus, but she wasn’t interested much….

    I also showed her how my body’s reacting to mosquito and spider bites… as I was working around the yard, sweeping and stuff and got bit. I asked her why everything seems to swell, get inflamed and scar so badly. Her response was ‘you’re getting older, the body changes.’

    I always leave her office thinking, “she went to college how long to tell me that?” LMAO oxoxoxox


  5. By the way, I had my whiny day also today. Work sucked and I was a whiny Biotch! 😀 Do I care? NO, So hand me one of them Whhaaaaaburgers!

    I know what It’s like to have mouth and tooth pain, Because of my diabetes I went thru alot of dental appts. I wish I could take your pain away and throw It far far away.

    I’m here whenever you want to whine 🙂


    1. Well Frannie, I’m thinking we need you on our show to talk about diabetes.

      We can all whine, live, on the air!! Whatcha think! 😉


  6. OMG will ya stop whining!!!!!! Whine……………….whine ……………….whine………………….
    And it could be worse you could have MS AND an ass as big as mine!!!!!
    LMAOOOOOOOOOO Tracy I luvs ya…………..Get the Baileys out and sup up gal…….We must get on Skype and get drunk together………….You haven’t heard me sing have you…………..
    Big Hugs


    1. OMG Annie, I just about spat my coffee on my laptop!! 😛
      I have a ‘secretaries’ ass from sitting all the time. WIDE LOAD!!

      And I’m up for a Baileys night, we can sing together…that might be scary!! rofl


  7. Wow, we’re on the same whine schedule. There is something weirdly funny about that. Root canal? Ewh, oww, ouch. Money that could be spent on, oh say a case of Baileys blown on a tooth.

    I feel for you.


  8. We have to do this Tracy……I’ll send Greg to his mums…… and we can partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! It’ll have to be in fancy dress too……..I do luv ya ya know………You’re such a whine ass ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  9. I swear yesterday must have been “Mega Whiny Bitch Day” cause I felt the same way fibro was flaring and I hated the world, did get to K-mart though and almost fist fought this guy who looked at me the wrong way..bad move, buddy!! Luv ya, Tracy!! xo


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