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All over the net I read things people write regarding illegals, health care, blah blah blah. Send the illegals back where they came from. Why should I have to pay for some welfare case’s health care. The people writing these disgusting comments… Christians. Or at least that is what they call themselves.

So, I ask you… What Would Jesus Do?

Be merciful to all!

We are human beings, children of God, or so ‘they’ say. Well if that’s how Jesus would treat people, I want no part of it.

People come here looking for a better life. The majority are hard working men and women. Of course there will be some undesirables, you will find that any where you look. But, the majority are not bad people. And they do the work we do not want to do. Are you gonna get off your ass and do the jobs they do? If not, then shut the hell up. Is there a right or wrong answer to this? NO… so W.W.J.D?

Then you have those that do not want to pay to help our Healthcare system. Most are not welfare cases. Many are men and women that cannot get full time hours as most companies do not want to pay for health care. So these people work 2 or more jobs to pay for some sort of health care for their kids. Many times they cannot afford for themselves. But, God no, why should we have to pay for them. Why, because they are human beings.

Let’s hold the big corporations responsible for it. Speak out and tell them to get health care for their workers. Oh wait, they cannot afford it because the health care industry runs the world and they want money, nothing else.

Well, I would much rather spend my tax money on health care then paying for city beautification, that we never see happen. Or paying to help politicians rip us off some more.

So again, to all you Christians, W.W.J.D. I guess He’d just let them suffer and die, right? Even though my faith is not what you’d call strong right now, I do not think He’d let this happen.

Just wait…one day when you have to go before the Lord…you think you’re in… He is going to ask you… why, why did turn away my children when they only wanted a better life? Why, why did you turn away the sick people when they only wanted to be well?

I’d love to be there for your answer, because I think you are going to be quite surprised where you end up!

Remember, the only reason you are where you are, is the luck of the biological draw.

Blessings and Hope!

48 thoughts on “W.W.J.D.

  1. Good morning my friends.
    May I try to answer?
    I’d like to challenge you both to ask HIM in prayer what He would do. Get real, get serious with Him, and then expect answers, not to every question because it’s impossible to fully understand or know Him or His ways, just to know that He is GOOD. We are not. He has also already provided us many, many answers to our questions…you know where. Do you have a copy of His Word in a translation that makes sense to you? If not, I’d love to give one to each of you.
    As far as the illegal and healthcare questions, I can tell you what I know from the Word. Jesus did not heal every person. Oh He well could have! He is more concerned with our spiritual healing than anything else, since life is short and the eternity you speak of is, well…long…
    And His kingdom, as He said, “Is not of this world” (it’s spiritual). Oh, it certainly spills over into our tiny physical realm, but the source is from outside of it…and He is the King. He is the most benevolent King, and He cares for His children wherever we are. It is a Monarchy, and it is run by faith, hope and charity with His principles and precepts.
    There is so much still for me to learn, and the Holy Spirit is our best teacher, so I’m going to keep on studying. I’m very serious that I want to give you guys this gift if you’ll just PM me and let me know that you’d like to accept it. Even if you already have a Bible, I could give you a different translation or paraphrase or one with study guides. It would be my pleasure.
    Tracy, I’m glad the headache is gone, and I hope you’re feeling better today and every day, Ruby.
    Love to you both.


    1. Deb, that is sweet of you to offer, I have plenty of reading material, but somehow I’m one of those “special” people that misunderstands it. I ask if HE is supposed to be all loving…what about me wasn’t worthy of being loved and not given this disease? If HE is all knowing then why doesn’t HE know when to stop sending me these gifts (continued physical pain and suffering)? I could go on and on….but you get the picture. For me being raised Catholic and attending a Catholic church was very damaging, being accosted by a man of the “cloth” didn’t help, being married to someone that gave me an ultimatum to see things his way by a set date just left me sick of the whole mess (religion). I’m trying to keep an open mind through it all, some days are harder than others…most days I can’t even bother….


    2. Well the Jesus i HAVE read about would not forsake any being.
      And yes perceptions of the bible can be different, yet mine, to me, is the right one.

      But, my question, as usual is not being answered. It is always thrown back to something I must do etc. Why, because no one wants to take responsibility.

      Let people live w/o health care, send em back home, that is not the Jesus I was taught about.

      Again, it is by the luck of the draw and genetics that some thrive. Many are given obstacles along the way, hence the people who do not want to help them.

      I was taught Jesus is love and hope. But I’ learning it is only true when it is the good happening to a said person.

      If being selfish with good fortune is a Christian way, then it is not for me.


  2. Oh Tracy…. we’re in sync with this one.

    I’ve been writing and rewriting a blog similar to this one, though you were less emotional than my drafts.

    Three of my old classmates posted a status on Facebook the other day that I found incredibly offensive.


    These folks are constantly complaining about the issues you addressed here, but they also like to tout their own faith, that they are Christians. They like to use Christianity to ‘slap’ others around. A friend of mine asked them if God would want them praying that a wife become a widow and that children become fatherless. They had no answer.

    I’m personally conflicted about my religious beliefs. I’ve attended church, study groups, own at least 6 different versions of the Bible including a Woman’s Study Bible and honestly, the conflict I feel resulted from my spiritual search and the examples set by other Christians.

    I don’t understand any more than you do, how people justify their lack of compassion or inability to be empathetic.

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts, it is indeed brave, as posting such sentiments usually results in a thump upside the head with a Bible. :p

    Love & Hugs oxox



    I saw this too. Disgusting!! They are really good Christians aren’t they. If Obama was white, none of this would be happening, yet no one has the balls to admit that.

    I voted Obama and will again.

    There are many religions out there, so why is it that the Christian way is the only way. I have spoken to many leaving Christianity as it is changing to fit today’s world. How can you change the bible??

    If I get a bible head thump, so be it. It just prove to me the one-sided-ness [is that a word lol] of that religion! Sad really.

    all I see on FB and all around is such hate now. So really, WWJD? Not this!


  4. In a word, WOW!!!!

    I wasn’t going to comment on this topic, but I see so many of you have braved it, so I will too.

    First of all, as a very good friend of Tracy’s and a Christian, I am also a realist. I 100% agree with Tracy’s blog which caused me to write what I did for my status.

    I saw how her question didn’t get an answer, not the one she was looking for and I’m not here to answer her question either. But I will say this. Christians that believe that people should be sent away; should not have basic human rights that we all are entitled to, regardless of the status; people who are that narrow minded, cannot possibly consider themselves a Christian, no matter the denomination. YES THIS IS MY OPINION!

    I’ve had to separate myself from a few who tout the Christian title but show very little by way of Christian love simply because our views are so different that I cannot have their poisonous views cloud my walk. Jesus is love, period! He loves everyone, not just the people that are in one country or another legally, He loves us all, and anything short of that is not of God.

    Now, I too saw what was written about our president, and like him or not, he was voted in and I agree with Tracy on the point she made, If her were white, none of this would be happening. As much as Bush did, I never saw such hatred spewed as I do for this man. People wanting him dead because he dared to do what many African Americans only dreamed of doing….going against the system…challenging the ‘Ole boys club’…How dare he?…String him up and lynch him whydoncha!!!!!


  5. Tracy,
    I did a blog some time ago that I researched in depth, that provided statistics that show a decline in Christianity in the U.S. There have been dramatic shifts, in America’s shifting religious identities. The statistics show that young people are moving away from organized religion, and church attendance is dramatically down with the ’empty nester’ crowd. Many people claim to identify with a particular denomination, but aren’t church goers, don’t belong to a church.

    People are looking for alternatives, as they have found too many contradictions within the religious community.

    Just like any other large organization or group, Christians can be their own worst enemies, as they don’t seem to identify the way their own individual behavior, language and attitudes reflect on the group as a whole.

    I’ve had “born again” Christians tell me I shouldn’t be looking at them as ‘examples’ of Christianity. Isn’t the whole idea of identifying as Christian that you are to be “Christ-like”? Naturally Christians are representative of Christianity, to think they aren’t is ridiculous.

    The idea that we are all ‘God’s children’, but that he only cares for some people is so offensive and obnoxious, I can’t even respond.

    You are right, the outrage we are seeing about these policies is definitely race driven. There would be opposition because there always is, but it would not be so hatefully driven, as it is now.

    Thanks again for talking about this. oxoxox


    1. My issue is, if you do not think the way they think, then you are not worthy. And they think they can change you.

      I know my beliefs and my God is good and is love. I’m more ‘Christian’ then those who profess it. And I do not consider myself ‘Christian’. Go figure! lol


    2. I have no idea which ‘born Again’ christian would say something as ridiculous as ‘I shouldn’t be looking at them as ‘examples’ of Christianity’. At my church we are taught that people are supposed to see God in us, not on us…We’re not supposed to have to tell someone we’re a believer, people should be able to see that in our actions…Why on earth are they ‘Born again’ then…Why not just stay the same as they were?…I don’t get it….


  6. I totally agree with you. I just wanted to make the point that these people we are speaking of are hurting their religion, are giving Christianity a black-eye. They seem completely oblivious to that fact.

    “I’m more ‘Christian’ than those who profess it.” I know a lot of people who don’t consider themselves Christians, and you’re right, many are more “Christ-like” than most of the Christians who feel the need to beat people up with their religion.



  7. Quite honestly, even though I was raised Catholic and still practice that religion, to me just being human means more to me than anything…I pray for everyone..including the horrible, wretched people because in my mind the Lord loves everyone and everything and there is always room for another! 🙂


  8. Tracy per your request I’m writing a little something and linking back to you….I’ll also be getting ready for a thousand (or more) lashes with a wet noodle.


  9. Hey MzT et al,

    Got word, by way of the mountain of rocks, that this WWJD blog was not, in fact, a rhetorical question. My bad!

    Of course, it appears that this is only one of my “bads” as I am also, one of those Christians. Well, not one of “those” – but I am a Christian.

    I don’t have to explain myself–you know me. You’ve also encountered those who claim Christianity and are insensitive, hypocritical, and sanctimonious.

    Let’s be straight–you’ll always be able to find lying, cheating, stealing, self-righteous, bastards claiming religion for their own purposes.

    Jesus said this to them: “For you are like whitewashed tombs–beautiful on the outside but filled on the inside with dead men’s bones and all sorts of impurity.”

    And then He went about his Father’s business… there was work to be done.

    His time on this earth He did not waste on the people who were filled with “dead men’s bones” — He spent his time with people who heard and responded to his heart with their hearts.

    He didn’t debate- it was a waste of his precious time.
    He did, however, ask God, “Why? Why this? Why me? Can’t it be different?”

    I say carry on with your questions- if you want to know. I believe He can handle your questions and your anger.

    I wonder by which example of Christianity you will evaluate Him though?

    I love both of you- like it or not.



    1. When I think ‘good’ Christian, I think of you. You are the example I would evaluate Him by.

      I just get flamed when I see the so-called Christians bashing others.

      I do not believe Jesus would turn away the ill, an illegal, as they are His children as well.

      Someone made a comment on having people with guns on the borders and maybe the fear of being shot will stop them. Then she said joking, well maybe not. And this is someone who claims to be Christian.

      I do not care what the so-called hater Christians feel, to me God is and always will be love.


  10. Denise,

    The ‘gentleman’ who told me ‘I shouldn’t be looking at them as ‘examples’ of Christianity’ went on to tell me that people have to find their own way to Christianity, have to discover their own individual faith, that they can’t look to anyone else to find their answers because religion has different meaning and purpose for each individual.

    He scolded me, as he also wrote that he had a rope and a tree with President Obama’s name on it, that he has his guns locked and loaded and will shoot any liberal who comes on his property, that people with disabilities and chronic illnesses are bleeding this country dry and survival of the fittest would lighten the burden of productive people in this country.

    He routinely quotes scripture and writes about God’s influence in his life, all the work he does at his church.

    I’m thinking I’m not the only person “conflicted” about Christianity and religion in general.


    1. I just don’t understand this way of thinking and the nerve of him to even put it into a sentence and poison someone’s space with such crazy diatribe is beyond me…It’s suffice to say that not everyone who professes to be a Christian is one…not all are going heaven…Many people speak with a forked tongue and will meet that same folk when their days on this earth are over!!!


  11. You’re right, again. Jesus doesn’t require the credentials to enter heaven that the USA requires of immigrants. His kingdom is larger and more desirable, as well.

    Neither political or religious conversations intimidate me but this blog has co-mingled the two.

    Whether America will enforce our immigration laws is a matter of concern for many– some concerns are born of a fear over our national security, some out of economic insecurity, some out of ignorance and some out of pure prejudice.

    From where I stand, though, I see very few issues where Jesus’ example is being considered–much less, followed. And I see many examples where the message is being perverted and used to manipulate.

    There’s nothing new under the sun… these are age old battles, still raging on. We are deeply flawed. Therein lies the purpose for the death and resurrection of The Christ. End of story.


    1. We are the melting pot of the world. If we gave them a chance to become citizens they would jump at the chance.

      My question was posed to the so-called Christians out there hate mongering. Saying shoot them at the border?? Nice Christian there.

      That is where I am coming from as when I see this hate, their religious preference is always Christian.

      So I was curious how these awesome Christians could be filled with so much hate. Seems like a contradictory place to me.


  12. I think the biggest problem, whenever there are discussions about religion or religion’s influence or lack there of on political issues, life, etc., is that EVERYONE ‘cherry picks’ the Bible.

    People pick out the scriptures, phrases, stories that they believe support their position and choose to ignore those that would support an opposing position.

    For instance the man I mentioned earlier, he and his friends believe that people who support social programs, the ‘bleeding hearts’ in this country are ‘anti-Christian’ because the Bible says God helps those who help themselves, therefore you should not be ‘giving handouts’ to people who ‘refuse to stand on their own feet’ and that God is punishing them with poverty, illness, etc., as He won’t help them if they aren’t willing to help themselves.

    He sees helping the underprivileged as going against God’s will.

    All the ‘cherry picking’ causes conflict, confusion, contradiction, etc. It leaves us with more questions.


  13. I agree, Robin.

    And since the Bible doesn’t say, “God helps those who help themselves.” my guess is that this man spouts other pearls of so-called wisdom and claims them as scripture, too.

    This particular quote and the whole idea of “bleeding hearts” being “anti-Christian” is in direct opposition to what Christ teaches:

    Matthew 25:24 “… ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’

    2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

    So tell him, THAT.



  14. There ya go, Laurie…. when I argued with him, he told me I didn’t have the ‘right’ version of the Bible…

    😉 oxox


  15. It kills me that people always thinks its illegals that are the worst criminals…therefore they want them out of the country…It also kills me how people think illegals are looking for a handout…when all they want to really do is work and be given a chance…They work the jobs no one else would…for pennies on the dollar…They do what they have to do…all they’re asking for is a chance…the ones that are dangerous…and I do understand there are those out there…yes they should be deported…no question…but really…there are more criminal minded folks born and raised…hatred and all..in the USA….But are still afforded 3 squares and a cot…courtesy of the American people/taxpayers…Like that’s not the ultimate of handouts!


    1. I hear ya Denise!!

      My question is also, Are we going to Patrol the Canadian borders better as well?

      The bottom line, when lazy Americans work as hard and take these menial jobs, then complain. Hold companies like Tyson foods responsible, they bring them here to work…cheap labor. And they have been fined, they pay it and continue doing it.

      95% want a better life for their families, wouldn’t everyone want that???


  16. If you’ll indulge me this:

    What if the argument is being spun?

    What if many of the people, who are insisting that the immigration laws be enforced, are fighting for exactly (and only) that?

    What if the debate is being spun to appear that they are anti-people when they are really pro-enforcement of U.S. law?

    What if they’re really concerned that we have become comfortable with blurred definitions of leadership and responsibility, that the practice of ethics has become optional, along with accountability (see Wall Street) and that now we’re “cherry-picking” the laws we enforce too?

    What if they’re really saying, “Vote to change the law, then. Let the majority rule. But vote the principles you believe in into law and then act like you really meant it.”

    Maybe the real issue is that when we allow for the selective enforcement of the law, we widen the opportunities for far greater abuses of the people and the certain destruction of our entire system of government.

    That makes sense to me.


    1. Sadly when it become racial profiling, e you can pull over someone looking illegal, that law is wrong.
      And that is exactly the law in AZ, although everyone is wording in the way that best suits their conscious.

      All legal Mexican Americans had better carry their papers??!! Sounds like Hitler’s Germany to me.


  17. I see your point. In fact, people often ask if my son, Keith is Mexican (which he is not) and we talked about the real probability that he would be pulled over and asked to show his papers. Since he wouldn’t have any papers to show we wonder what would happen next?


  18. I’m just saddened by all this I have friends in AZ that want me to visit, I will stay away…at least until the dust settles. I would probably get cranky if I got pulled over for DWM = Driving While Mexican.

    Good question you ask there Laurie….I don’t have papers, I was born in Kansas…so all I have is my Birth Certificate and I would hate to drive around with that in my wallet….


  19. Ruby,
    I heard last night on a news program that that is exactly what you will be expected to do if you are an American citizen. Your birth certificate or passport denoting you are a citizen will be required if you are indeed stopped for suspicion of “DWM”. Those ARE your ‘papers’.

    Truly a sad and frightening time in the US.


    1. First, it’s Fox news the most biased station around.

      I just find it funny that now all this is coming out in the air, and now we are hearing about all the violence. Another ploy on the Obama administration. Where was the concern when Bush was in office?

      Where do you think the weapons come from…America! 🙂


  20. As far as ‘illegal immigration’ goes, though it sounds terribly simplistic and someone may have said it earlier, the problem could be significantly reduced if America cracked down on the American businesses who hire ‘illegals’ (I really dislike that label). If the incentive were removed, it only makes sense that fewer people would risk so much to come here.

    Why is it that the underprivileged are always to blame for their circumstances and business/corporations aren’t held accountable for defying the law? Oh wait, silly me, businesses and corporations line the pockets of government officials.

    I can’t imagine how desperate one would have to be to risk arrest, being shot, to go to a place where you are unwelcome, to work a job where you are grossly taken advantage of, under paid and receive no benefits. These folks deserve compassion, empathy, not treated as villians.


    1. Hey Robin,

      I think you bring up a good point again.

      I heard someone say that above our border hang two signs:
      One that reads:No Trespassing followed by
      Help Wanted: Inquire Within.

      Mixed messages, for sure. Double standards, as always.

      Same goes for the Mexican drug cartel… we are their most loyal customers, I know.

      But the safety of the Americans, who are citizens and are not involved in the drug trade, should be the priority… yes?

      I still don’t understand why enforcing our immigration law translates into racism.

      A person can still apply and become a citizen legally, right?


  21. “I still don’t understand why enforcing our immigration law translates into racism.”

    I’d like to share my view, as to the ‘racism’ issue. I don’t think enforcing immigration law translates into racism, I think the idea of ‘profiling’ brings about accusations of racism.

    I think the negative rhetoric that always seems to accompany illegal immigration discussions is the biggest contributor to the sense that racial prejudice drives this topic.

    The ‘vilifying’ of Mexicans/Hispanics as lazy, dirty, violent, criminals, diseased, etc., as ‘less than’ us, not as ‘deserving’ as us feeds the cries of racism.

    If the discussion focused more on understanding the cause and seeking solutions than on blame and cultural attacks perhaps ‘racism’ wouldn’t be an issue.

    I hope that made sense… it did in my head. LOL oxox


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