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All over the net I read things people write regarding illegals, health care, blah blah blah. Send the illegals back where they came from. Why should I have to pay for some welfare case’s health care. The people writing these disgusting comments… Christians. Or at least that is what they call themselves.

So, I ask you… What Would Jesus Do?

Be merciful to all!

We are human beings, children of God, or so ‘they’ say. Well if that’s how Jesus would treat people, I want no part of it.

People come here looking for a better life. The majority are hard working men and women. Of course there will be some undesirables, you will find that any where you look. But, the majority are not bad people. And they do the work we do not want to do. Are you gonna get off your ass and do the jobs they do? If not, then shut the hell up. Is there a right or wrong answer to this? NO… so W.W.J.D?

Then you have those that do not want to pay to help our Healthcare system. Most are not welfare cases. Many are men and women that cannot get full time hours as most companies do not want to pay for health care. So these people work 2 or more jobs to pay for some sort of health care for their kids. Many times they cannot afford for themselves. But, God no, why should we have to pay for them. Why, because they are human beings.

Let’s hold the big corporations responsible for it. Speak out and tell them to get health care for their workers. Oh wait, they cannot afford it because the health care industry runs the world and they want money, nothing else.

Well, I would much rather spend my tax money on health care then paying for city beautification, that we never see happen. Or paying to help politicians rip us off some more.

So again, to all you Christians, W.W.J.D. I guess He’d just let them suffer and die, right? Even though my faith is not what you’d call strong right now, I do not think He’d let this happen.

Just wait…one day when you have to go before the Lord…you think you’re in… He is going to ask you… why, why did turn away my children when they only wanted a better life? Why, why did you turn away the sick people when they only wanted to be well?

I’d love to be there for your answer, because I think you are going to be quite surprised where you end up!

Remember, the only reason you are where you are, is the luck of the biological draw.

Blessings and Hope!