The heat is not my friend!

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the sun, the heat, the beauty of it all. Now, not so much! lol

Today is my dd’s first soccer game. I am unable to go. Why you ask? The heat. It is going to be 96 degrees today. I missed half of her games last year due to the heat, and it broke my heart. Now, here we are again.

We all hear the line…’I have MS, but it doesn’t have me!’ I feel that way, most days. Today…NOPE! It does have me today. It is keeping me from seeing my girl play her second year of soccer. It keeps me from being at her practices. So, there are times it DOES have me. Sometimes we need to be realistic in our situations. Today is that time for me. Yet, in a month or so, I will be able to go to her games as the weather will change and the cooler times will come. In this case, that is the light at the end of this tunnel. This year, I now have my wheel-chariot that can get me on the grass and the dirt tracks. So, there is my other light in the darkness.

I truly think it is in the way we perceive our trials. Do we only see the bad, or can we find the good? I try and the find the good. Does it always work? NO. Are there days when no good can be found? YES. Those are the days that inner strength finds her way in and helps me through. Do I hate having MS, degenerative disc disorder, colitis, migraines, fatigue, incontinence? EVERY DAY! Do I ask, ‘Why me?’ All the time. Do I cry in private so my family does not see my pain? All the time. Do I get angry that my kids have had to know me this way their whole lives and watch me slowly get worse? More than anything!! Did I lose my faith? Yes.

So, I find the humor to get through it all. I laugh when I fall. I laugh when I get the shakes. [hubby says I have the rhythm] I laugh as I try to get back up off the floor with the help of my kids. It is quite comical. Two skinny lil things trying to lift their 6′ tall mommy off the ground. So, in come the 6′ tall 15 year old boy to the rescue. When he realizes he need to push up on mommies bum, he freaks out a bit. “Mom, I don’t wanna touch your butt!” Poor child. lol But he does, and up I go.

I am blessed with a family full of love all around me. I am blessed with friends. Does this make it better? sometimes, yes. But, I’d rather be blessed with all of this and be healthy. This is the hand I was dealt, so I will play my hand and do my best to win. This, is life!

Blessings and Peace!

When the world say, “Give up.” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time!”

14 thoughts on “The heat is not my friend!

  1. Tracy, you are truly one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the great good fortune to meet. I think it takes a very special kind of person to be able to find humor in the day-to-day life you lead, and I believe you are one of those very special people. You share so much light, and you have a wonderful way of teaching people… Thank you for that, my friend.


  2. I really liked your blog today! It is true, when it comes to such a rotten hand dealt in life, somedays we have it and somedays it has us, BUT you’ve choose to keep it positive, light, humorous, and you have choosen more than you know to be an inspiration to so many! I’m so proud of you and so blessed to be able to call you my friend.
    P.s.- Don’t give up on that faith just yet…..I love you, my friend!


  3. Again today I had a moment of stoppeedeetee where I forgot I had limitations, I got down on the floor, that is the easy part, getting up is harder, I was determined to get up on my own, it didn’t work. Skinny kids to the rescue, the oldest wasn’t here, hasn’t been for any of the times I’ve needed help getting up…lucky him. He just gets to hear mom was stupid again….


  4. MzTracy, I love your attitude. In spite of all the shit going on you still smile and you still have a wonderful sense of humor. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this shit, and it is shit, so there I said it. I love you and hope you have really great days ahead!


  5. I used to take a lot of heat from my co-workers (in a disability organization) because I laughed at myself and the trials I faced. They said it was wrong, that I was sending the wrong message, not taking ‘disability’ serious enough.

    I take it plenty serious… I would much rather laugh and try to see the funny or positive sides of life than to sit and cry every day, focusing on the negative and the bad.

    Love the blog!


    1. I think for some if they laugh at it they feel they are making ‘fun’ of it. When in reality it is a way to make it through the tough times and the trials.

      Laughter through tears is my favorite thing! 🙂


  6. Tracy, honey, the camera was recording an empty room because that woman had been experiencing unexplained activity all day and she wanted to try to catch it on camera. I’ve done that, too, with my webcam, and for exactly the same reasons. Her leaving the room ensured nothing would be contaminated if anything unusual *did* happen to occur during the recording… Just wanted to explain so you would have a better idea of what was happening. *hug*


  7. Someone *was* dissing me, darling. I am Wolfie…

    But please don’t worry about it. The universe will take care of it; those who were involved will all receive what they deserve. They won’t like it, but hey, karma can be a very harsh mistress sometimes. The universe will take care of everything; it always does… And thank you for caring so much about me, my friend. I do love you… ♥ ♥ ♥


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