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The Padded Room – Unlocked and Unplugged!

WE DID IT!! Through our nerves and medications and everything!

For an amazing blog on our debut show please click on the link below:

Ruby Cantu on WordPress

Ruby Can Too

For more info on our amazing guest. Click on the link below:

Lucinda Wormsbaker – The Light Fandango Candle Company

Right now, when you purchase the Orange, Multiple Sclerosis Compassionate Candles, 2.00 from every purchase goes to my MS Walk 2010. So, please drop by Lu’s site and check it out!

The World's Best Candles

A huge TY goes out to the whole team at RLRN and to Laurie Zieber, the founder and all around fabulous lady!

Pretty Woman


Our next show, April 8th will be focusing on Lupus. Our guest will be the Fabulous Tina Sickinger! She is an amazing woman who struggles with Lupus every day of her life and survives. She is full of hope and fights this monster Lupus with the help of friends and her amazing family! We hope you will join us for our show on the Real Life Radio Network in The Padded Room- Unlocked and Unplugged, on April 8th.

The Ladies of the Padded Room

In any struggle, there is always HOPE! Join us!

Blessings and Hope!

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The Padded Room & Real Life Radio Network!

I feel like this is where I am living right now. Trapped inside the padded room with no escape. But, eventually I will escape it. I can do this by letting trusted friends and family in my heart and searching my own inner strength. I am finding myself through the help of an amazing internet ‘family’ at the Real Life Radio Network!

YOUR INSPIRATION STATION. Where Possibilities Become Reality.

My girl Ruby and I will soon be hosting a radio show at Blog Talk Radio RLRN, called The Padded Room Unlocked: Living Victoriously with Chronic Illness.

The network was created by the Fabulous Laurie Zieber . And the Mentor Hosts are the best Around!!

Please find the time to stop in and check out this phenomenal site created by a phenomenal woman!!

Blessings and Hope!!