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The Vampire Diaries: Polls

I know it’s hard to choose, but who SHOULD be with Elena? Everything Stefan has done, he has done for Elena. Everything Damon has done, he has done for himself, including screwing up Stefan and Elena’s relationship. He’s just so cute when he does it. Hard choice as they’re both so easy on the eyes.


Caroline, Caroline, Caroline! Who should she be with? They’re not giving us much choice since Klaus is now off to his own show, “The Originals”. But OMG… the chemistry between the two [Caroline & Klaus] is amazing. Talk about having sex with your eyes. Tyler, not so much. IMO. So whatcha think?

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Team Klaus!!!

This person did an amazing video of them.

I had never watch TVD [The Vampire diaries] before and my dd’s got me watching and catching up on Netflix and on the internet . We watched all 4 seasons in approximately 5 days. I could not turn it off. I am so anxious for season 5. If you love the ‘romance’ and mystery regarding Vampire lore, you will love this series. I’m completely hooked now! Love me some Vampires!