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It’s not just MS!!

If anyone ever tells you, be glad it’s just MS!!  Punch them square in the jaw, to hopefully have the end result be that teeth fall out. Then they will remember never to say that to anyone ever again.

I’m really trying to stay positive, but when every day is the same with change nowhere in sight, it can be hard.

I’ll get over this feeling in a little while and I will get back to my positive outlook. But today I’m allowed to  feel this way and be angry.

And no, I’m not glad it was just multiple sclerosis. So next time think before you fucking speak. This is not going out to any one person in general, it’s just something I see all over the Internet when people are ignorant. So now I am going to watch Fast Times at Ridgemont high, laugh at how stupid it is and funny, and find my positive place again.

Have courage and be kind!


6 thoughts on “It’s not just MS!!

  1. Wow! Shocking, but not surprising that some people are still stupid and ignorant about MS..the same mutants that drive and text..😳…..I watched Santa Claus Is Coming To Town today..such a sweet animated movie.



  2. Screw the folks that have that attitude towards your daily battle.
    Yes, you are allowed to have days that you just don’t feel like fighting the good fight. Ridgmont should crack you up. Feel better soon, my friend ❣️ your positive vibes will be there waiting for you when you’re ready 😘

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