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Ampyra and other mindless thoughts

After being off the Ampyra for 2 weeks thanks to the prescription insurance buffoons, I finally got back on. The weird thing is I felt better being off of it than being back on it. I actually had more leg strength when off it then i do now. hmmmmm Makes me think may not be the right medication for MY PPMS! If I do not notice any real differences in the next couple of months, I’m done!!

Now the prescription ins people, CVS Caremark, are denying me a medication they approved for me for the past two years. WTF, Really!! So now i get the fun task of calling them and letting them have it! Greedy bastards!!


I added some new things to my sale items sections, and all kinds of new glass pendant necklaces, my newest love, to the shop. I am finding that when I am at my design table and making new pieces, it helps keep away those depression gremlins.

Keep an eye out for more ‘fun’ discount codes as December arrives. You’ll be able to save up to 20%.


If I’m not back by Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving, to all who celebrate.

xx, Tracy...

12 thoughts on “Ampyra and other mindless thoughts

  1. I don’t get these Insurance companys, It’s a bunch of hokey pokey. Hope everything works out for you when you call them.

    You sound so much happier lately Tracy, so am thinking that making your jewelry is doing that and I think thats wonderful. So many pretty pendants 🙂 Always looking forward to seeing more.

    I hope you and your family have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. (((Hugz)))

    I’m thankful for having you as my Friends<3


    1. I’m waiting until after this week to call. Do not need the stress. lol

      I’m re-doing the one I made for you as I noticed a glue issue. lol So it will be next week when you get it!! Thanks for being my biggest fan! 😛

      Have a fabulous Holiday as well!! xoxo


  2. Thats suppose to be Friend without the s. Maybe I was thinking about the voices in your head also….lol, they can be my friends too..haha


  3. Tracy, I LOVE all of your cute pendants. I wish I could get one in every color and design! Unfortunately, the little extra that we received last week will be going to pay for my brakes. I pray that you have TONS of orders (but not so many that you use up all of your spoons :0), and for a cure for MS. In the meantime, I’m also praying that you get your meds straightened out with the insurance buffoons. 😛

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

    Love, Deb


  4. Good Morning!!…please don’t get me started on insurance, pres. meds, buffoons in general, I could talk your ear off for an happy you are continuing with the jewelry, you know how much it means to me…the compliments I have received on your pieces is amazing, you have a beautiful talent, GF!!

    Enjoy your turkey day and HUGE hugs!



  5. Love the new designs!

    I don’t understand any of this nonsense with medications. We just had problems with ‘co-pays’ for my son’s medications. One time it was one price, the next time another price, for the same number of tablets. They couldn’t explain it to us either.

    It’s bad enough they are so expensive, but to never know how much to expect is so hard.

    Trial and error can take a long time, as you know, I’m sure… finding medications that work is a roulette game.


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