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Tweeze those brows!!

Yesterday my dd Shelby informed me that my brows needed a serious tweezing. I’ve been in a serious funk and guess I have let lots of things go. I do not look into the mirror too closely anymore. [hate seeing myself in a wheel-chariot] I laughed and said, “Bummer, I’ll get to it sooner or later”.

Seriously, but mine were worse. Even had a chin thing going. Was not pretty...

Well this am I woke up at 3:45 as my lil boy Dexter fell jumping on my chair to get on the bed. [refer to yesterdays blog re:chair height change] Once he got on the bed I got in my chair and went in the bathroom. I had already grabbed some tweezers and knew what was going to happen. lol I turned on my lighted makeup mirror and went to town. I had more freaking hair then Grizzly fucking Adams!! No joke, seriously!! I grabbed 5 to 10 hairs at a time and just pulled and pulled until no more hair was there. Then grabbed my lil razor and fixed the ‘stash [come on ladies ya know we get them too] Then put a cool toner on my face and lotion-ed up. And yes, I use a razor for the stash as creams and waxes leave a serious rash for a week or so. Get over it!! So, I go to the tinkletorium, do my business and head back to bed. I get all cozy and buzz buzz buzz… hubbies alarm goes off. I had been tweezing for over an hour!! 😛 This is so not going to happen again.

Hubby got up, did the shower thing and brought me coffee as there is no going back to sleep for awhile now. I can hear the kids getting moving as well.

I figure once kids go to school, I’ll head out to my design table, skype with my girl Tina for a bit, then if all goes as planned, come back in my room crawl into bed and watch Date Night. We’ll see how that goes… Once I get motivated and get to my table it is hard to stop and move on. lol

All in all, this is looking like a good MS day. Keeping hope alive!

xx, Tracy...

6 thoughts on “Tweeze those brows!!

  1. You crack me up…but I can so relate to all the bushiness…I went and got me some wax, strips and sticks so now I can take care of my stache, of course I’m blind and can’t see it coming out so I have to rely on boy # 3 to point it out.


  2. It all sounds good even the bushy eye brows and stache. I did my own eye brows along time ago and I think I got too carried away and plucked more then I should, Still waiting for some hair to grow back in. I should have left well enough alone. I also go to town shaving my cookie, I think back in my younger days when there was hair down there..omg, lots of hair. Now I hate having hair there.. So anyway, sounds like a good day for you 😀



    1. OMG, one time I used a shaver at the top to get a few tiny hairs, my hand slipped and lets say I had to use a brow liner for a bit.
      As for the ‘other’ I trim, shaving not so much. 😛



  3. Ahh..don’t you love the hair in those unwanted places…the worst is seeing those poor old women with 15 or 20 long hairs coming out of their chin and it is curly, as my mom once told me…as a woman gets older, she gets more hair in spots where she doesn’t want it and looses it on her head….gee, thanks Mom!!..LOL…



    1. I know, I see them and want to ask them to come with me for a minute to the tinkletorium. With my luck they’ll think I’m a nutter! lol Why doesn’t a lvoed one tell them.
      I ck my chin all the time as in 2 spots I get a couple lil hairs. eewwwwwww



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