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Tweeze those brows!!

Yesterday my dd Shelby informed me that my brows needed a serious tweezing. I’ve been in a serious funk and guess I have let lots of things go. I do not look into the mirror too closely anymore. [hate seeing myself in a wheel-chariot] I laughed and said, “Bummer, I’ll get to it sooner or later”.

Seriously, but mine were worse. Even had a chin thing going. Was not pretty...

Well this am I woke up at 3:45 as my lil boy Dexter fell jumping on my chair to get on the bed. [refer to yesterdays blog re:chair height change] Once he got on the bed I got in my chair and went in the bathroom. I had already grabbed some tweezers and knew what was going to happen. lol I turned on my lighted makeup mirror and went to town. I had more freaking hair then Grizzly fucking Adams!! No joke, seriously!! I grabbed 5 to 10 hairs at a time and just pulled and pulled until no more hair was there. Then grabbed my lil razor and fixed the ‘stash [come on ladies ya know we get them too] Then put a cool toner on my face and lotion-ed up. And yes, I use a razor for the stash as creams and waxes leave a serious rash for a week or so. Get over it!! So, I go to the tinkletorium, do my business and head back to bed. I get all cozy and buzz buzz buzz… hubbies alarm goes off. I had been tweezing for over an hour!! 😛 This is so not going to happen again.

Hubby got up, did the shower thing and brought me coffee as there is no going back to sleep for awhile now. I can hear the kids getting moving as well.

I figure once kids go to school, I’ll head out to my design table, skype with my girl Tina for a bit, then if all goes as planned, come back in my room crawl into bed and watch Date Night. We’ll see how that goes… Once I get motivated and get to my table it is hard to stop and move on. lol

All in all, this is looking like a good MS day. Keeping hope alive!

xx, Tracy...