So, last weekend I went to Wally World. Got all ready, put on clothes, took a Valium and we went shopping. After a bit, the fear set in. I felt like everyone was looking at me, I was getting warm, heart beating fast, not so much fun. So, it was, “We have to go and go now!!!” Didn’t get all I had gone for, but got most of the necessities. Then my guilt set in as we still needed to go to Sam’s Club. Once we got back into the van I told Rog to get me a coffee, and I’d take another Valium and veg in the van so he could shop in Sam’s. I did not feel right making him take me all the way home and then have to go back again in the pouring rain. We got my coffee, I took my pill, and sat back in my recliner wheel-chariot listening and watching the rain. I got a lil agitated so called my Laurie girl. She has a very calming affect on me. I think it’s her cute Texas twang! lol

Today though, not feeling like leaving my home. I was going to go get all ready, but then an not so good twinge came over me. So, Rog just went to Sam’s and here I am being a huge baby. I feel so weak right now, and I am not weak at all. So it’s a strange feeling/emotion for me.

My birthday, yesterday, was nice and quiet. Just he way I like it. I am now 45/1. lol All the birthday wishes I received really made my day. I have some amazing people in my life, and am very blessed by that.

It makes you reflect on friends present, past, and lost. I lost a friend due to lies, manipulation, whatever you want to call it this past week. I miss her and will always miss her, but once bitten, twice shy. [second time being thrown away by her from listening to others lies] The last time my heart broke for days, I cried all the time. This time I will not do that again. I reached out to her by email, but no reply. She will always be in my heart and I hope she never has to feel the pain she has caused me. But, knowing those I think she is listening to, she will. Ce la Vie! I wish her all the happiness in the world and the love she deserves!

losing friends is hard

As for me…I am going to set my mind on getting some new things on my site. There will be a new section for ‘recycles’. Things I find and no longer need or use that others might. Prices will be good, so I am hoping someone can use these items.

I also would like to plug my friend Heather’s site, Studio FM , if you are looking for amazing one-of-a-kind jewelry, look no further. You will glad you stopped in. I’m not only a fan, but a buyer as well!!

Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend!!

Blessings and Hope!

8 thoughts on “Randomosity!!

  1. Tracy…my dear, beautiful friend….I know the hurt you speak of and how it takes time to heal from it. Friendships/relationships can be so rough, healing from their break-ups even rougher….so it was fitting when I got my mail today and found the cute Dead End pendent, I was already dressed and ready to go, so I threw it around my neck, grabbed my camera and boy # 2 took off in search of tube socks…lol. We found some, but they weren’t exactly what he wanted. Then I decided to drive to the one and only parking garage I knew of in San Angelo and took some random photos and had Derrick take some pictures of me wearing my new pretty. Thank you so much, it made my day as I totally get the whole Dead End thing. Love ya bunches!!!!


    1. TY Ruby!!

      For you, the dead end means you are the end of their search. [no losers need apply] lol Only for the good men!!

      I love the photos of you pretty woman. And tell boy#2 love his belt buckle!! lol


  2. Hey honey – sorry your like this in your birthday week.
    I’m also sorry someone has the wrong glasses on and doesn’t see you for the diamond you are – forever sparkling xxxx


    1. Vicki, you can always make me smile!! I hope her glasses change back, but not sure my trust will be there.

      But, I have friends like you that make all the difference!!
      TY!! ❤ xoxo


  3. Sorry you’re experiencing this emotional pain. Loss of a friend is so hard, something we never grow accustomed to, no matter how often it might happen throughout our lives.

    I still mourn the loss of friends who’ve been removed from my life now, four or more years. I don’t think we realize the impact we have on each others lives, how important friendships can be and I also don’t think we search for truth as we should, seeing, listening to and believing what we want to, rather than what we know to be true.

    Much Love and Many Hugs Sweet Lady


  4. I’m sorry Tracy that your Friend done you that way. It’s hard and I do hope she realizes what she done and hope you two can at least make a mends. (((Hugz)))

    I am looking forward to seeing what your going to recycle 🙂 Thats a great idea. I will definitly check that out.

    Glad to hear your Birthday was just the way you liked It. Quiet and peaceful.



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