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The Voices in My Head

My PR buddy, Ruby, was saying how she wants the voices in her head to quiet down. So, I replied to have her voices tell my voices to shut the Hell up!!

blah blah blah

My insomnia is bad enough, and then add the voices and sleep is so hard to come by. I think about what to blog, my website over haul, my Hell hospital visit, and the list goes on. Not even my good meds can shut them up. What good are they then. 😛

Today is overcast and a tad dreary…just how I like it. lol Hoping for some rain. It’s a tad cold, but my comfy bed is warm so that is where I am.


On a good note:

Since I got home from Hell hospital I have had to use my wheel-chariot 100% of the time. Usually I can get to my bathroom using my walker. [18.2 feet] Well the other day I made it one way, but needed my chair to get back. Last night I realized my chariot was almost out of juice, so I had to try to use my walker again. Woot Woot, I made it back and forth from my tinkletorium!! Go me, go me!! So, now I will be trying to use my walker for the short walk again. Hopefully my legs will keep working for a while longer to be able to do this. It may not be a far walk, but it’s still a walk!! 🙂

As for Hell hospital, no one has returned my calls since last week. Guess they figure I’ll let it go…rofl!! Me, let something go!! OMG, they do not know who they are dealing with!! lol Bastards! So, now I will call them back again and again until they take care of the issue at hand. If ‘S’ told them she did not treat me that way, I will go to that hell hole and face her. I so do not ever want to go back there, but I will for this.

Now I am going to try to get caught up on a few things, and then rest for a bit.

Join me at 10am PST today here, for a gr8 show!!

Blessings and Hope!!

5 thoughts on “The Voices in My Head

  1. Here’s a thought…print out your blog posts and enclose with a letter detailing the issues and what they need to do to resolve them.

    CC (and include who you are sending copies to on the bottom of the letter) to “G-d and everybody” including Jerco or whatever it’s called that they broke all the rules on. Definitely include the hospital’s board.

    (And if you’re willing to have your privacy totally invaded you can always share this with the “big” health bloggers. This is the right story at the right time about incompetent and unprofessional medical treatment and could go viral. …but ouch.)

    If you’re gonna raise hell, go for broke! You are an excellent writer but if you want some help I’d be willing to proof and edit if you’d like…


    1. I talked to two very nice women today, but in reality, they do not care. Why should they? I’m a realist and know they have to be sorry etc. One thing I am not is naive!

      I want people that have those types of procedures to be given the courtesy of a private room. Cleansing your body can be embarrassing and noisy. 😦 They deserve dignity. I had a private room a few years ago and I was only in there for iv solumedrol.

      I feel they need to re-educate their nurse techs on how to treat people with dignity. Have them drink go lightly and then get pain meds and sleep and see what happens. 😛

      Re-train the ones who insert the IV’s. They were quite incompetent in my case!!

      If a person is not ready for the colonoscopy, have them re-cleanse so the procedure works the first time. Two times in 2 days is not fun!!

      Do your plumbing when the room is empty or move the patients. That one kills me.

      Then they need to eat my bill. The thought of paying a hospital that de-humanized me makes me ill all over.

      I am seeking a counselor as I cannot leave my home for fear of not being close to a bathroom. I have nightmares, and find myself reliving the humiliation in my head daily.

      This is so not who I am. So, we will see what they do. Do I deserve something for my humiliation and pain? Hell yes… in a perfect world and a world not run by large corporations and boards and rich folk!!

      Will they do any of this? Will they care? We shall see.

      I’ll keep ya posted as I may need to take ya up on some of your ideas.

      God knows the offers in emails are plenty as well!! lol

      TY Kathy!! xoxo


  2. Yay you!! you don’t have to walk a 100 miles, walking to your tinkertorium Is GREAT!! I wish you more and more of those walks.

    Don’t give up on that Hell Hospital, we got your back. Little do they know, they are In for a hell of a fight. Actually maybe they do know and thats why they are trying to avoid

    Take care Tracy.
    Lots of Hugz and luv your way!


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