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So tired…

When I got offline today [9am] to watch a movie and rest, I had no idea I would sleep until 10 minutes ago [7:35pm]. And, I am ready to go back to sleep in a few minutes. The World passed me by today…

I guess maybe I need/needed it and will probably do it again tomorrow. My day of the walker use is back to the chariot. Legs will not cooperate. I feel it is the complete and total stress from dealing with and waiting to see what hell hospital is going to do, and not getting much sleep from all the nightmares. I will blog all about it when they let me know!

I look at it this way, I can catch up on movies I’ve missed, cuddle with my fur babies and make-up for the sleep the nightmares have been awaking me from. Good times!! 😛

Nigh nite!

Blessings and Hope!

5 thoughts on “So tired…

  1. Catching up on movies and cuddling with your fur babies sounds like a good Idea 🙂 Get cozy and be warm and just fall to sleep. (((Hugz))) and Sweet Dreams Instead of bad ones.



  2. Sleep is a good thing (ala Martha Stewart..lol)..a little silly humor…and I bet your fur babies are loving every minute of cuddling close to you..wish I could gather up the bad dreams and hoist them overboard, for now I am sending you sweet dreams! XXOO


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