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Why? Rambling…

Why is it that when talking politics or religion, some revert to name calling or attacking another’s character if they disagree with them?

Ok, we know why. They have nothing better to say and/or no back up for their argument. Names such as; Czar, Hitler, Nazi, or comments like this; confuse a liberal…..use FACTS AND LOGIC !!!!!!!!!!! ~~~ Really???

I mean, do our brains do a time warp back to elementary school? Do they really think they look and/or sound ‘intelligent’ when speaking this way?

I think they do, or why would they use name calling as their ‘defense’!?

Just thinking aloud…

Blessings and hope!

4 thoughts on “Why? Rambling…

  1. I may have been guilty of this in the past…haven’t we all…but we do grow up and learn…of course those that don’t will open their mouth and let you know where they stand IQ wise. I know better now, I keep my lip zipped…politics and religion by their very nature are sensitive subjects for many.


  2. I know I have done it in the past. I think that is why I see it now and it makes me feel so wrong.

    The ‘liberal’ comment was aimed at me on FB. First I’m not liberal, I can go both ways [lol] depending on the persons principles. Second, I am not confused at all. But, because my beliefs were not his, he made that statement. Hubby and I rofl at it.

    Whatcha gonna do?



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