Migraine from Hell or Motherfu***** Headache!! lol

OMG, it hit last night badly. I tried everything even a hit off something, lol and that did not even work! Wowzers, talk about pain. It just now, finally went away.

So, since I know why they are happening again, it’s time to stop.

The hubz and I went on a non-gluten, no cow dairy, no soy, no soda way of eating. I lost 20 pounds, no migraines, no intestinal problems, and more energy. Well we got lazy in the new year and went back to eating like most people. lol I/we gained back our weight, migraines came back, bad intestinal problems resurfaced, and the fatigue hit.

So, I am proof eating the ‘right’ way helps.

No supplements, soy, pills, low fat, low calorie items work people!! Once you stop them the weight and issues all some back. Sugar substitutes are poison for our bodies. Think about it, these things are all changed, processed. Do you really think our bodies were made for this?

People have laughed at us, but I am the one laughing as I watch them do their ‘diets’…see no weight loss there. lol

Our bodies were made to eat food, real food. We need fats, we need proteins. But, the ‘diet’ industry wants money so you hear how gr8 it is for you. Go ahead, do it, then go off and eat good foods, real foods and see what happens. Weight comes back, and so you pay more for the ‘diet’ crap.

Having a healthy diet, not ‘dieting’ is the way to go.

Now, knowing what it had done for me, we are starting back up on the paleo way of eating again. I cannot wait to lose my weight and become healthier again.

Peace Out!

Chemicals, n: Noxious substances from which modern foods are made. ~Author Unknown

One thought on “MFH!!

  1. wow i think i am going to try that diet ~ if it works for you , it’s gotta work for me! Good luck to you and know that I am thinking of you!


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