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The donations blog…

Some clarification here. I am in agreement that it is a quirky and kind of pathetic blog and request. Here is my reasoning for it. Read or not, it’s up to you.

My hubby would let me put us in to debt to get this done, as he knows the struggles I go through daily regarding my MS and my feelings of low self-esteem regarding my body. My c-section with my twins lost me some lower tummy muscles and is something I would not trade for the world. lol I am 6′ tall when walking, but now I am 4′ feet or so as I need a wheel-chariot. At one time I was 6′ and weighed 153. I looked good. 😛 Now thanks to my MS and my medications and weight gain due to these issues, me self esteem is low. I can not bring myself to look in the mirror anymore as I do not like what I see. This is my issue and no one elses.

I’ve had people say to just deal with it, I look fine, etc. But to me, I do not. The MS took so much from me, and I want something of the old me back. My body will never be the way it was, I’m not stoopid! lol But, it can be what I feel good about. I will continue to eat right, do what small exercises I can and move forward. My neuro stated the only way to get rid of my ‘issues’ most likely would be surgery in the future. He meant it in a good way. 🙂 It’s hard for me to sit up most times, so tummy exercise are few and far between.

So, there it is. My dream, is maybe just maybe, someone will see this and offer their services. But, I will not hold my breath!! [quacks need not apply]


The ideal doctor would be Dr. 90210, Robert Rey. Wow, he does some awesome work.

So, there it is. Why the blog, why the donation button. I just can not see me spending that kind of money on me. Thanks to amazing people I’m getting the bathroom of my dreams, and more needs to be done for handicap access to my home. So that’s where we need to focus our funds, there and our 3 teenagers! lol

My motto when things seem far fetched and off base…’It could happen!’

Blessings and Hope!

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Donations anyone?

Ok, this is not your typical ‘donation’ blog.

I’m not asking for donations for food, clothing, or anything like that. I am asking for donations for a tummy tuck and a boob reduction. Yes, you read that right. You see, once upon a time I was thin and had perky boobs. It was not children or age that changed my tummy and breastesses, it was my disease. Medications, steroids [which I will no longer do], and being stuck in a wheel chariot does not a good body make. I do a motorized pedaler and arm weights to keep as fit as I can, but if I overheat or overexert, I will make myself sick.

So, here is my pathetic plea. My insurance will not cover this as they do not care about my self esteem or my life. I am NOT doing this for anyone but me. I eat right and do not gain weight, I just cannot seem to lose my belly and boobs. Seriously. Now, if there are any GOOD Beverly Hills Plastic surgeons that would want to help a crippled woman get back some of herself, please contact me. [that was sarcasm as we know that no BH plastic surgeon would give of their time, at least no good BH plastic surgeon.]

Is this blog pathetic? Am I pathetic? Probably. But, what can I say. Being different is how I roll. 😛

A button is also on the sidebar up top! ————>>>>

Donate if you will or not. It won’t change the way the feel about you. 🙂

Blessings and Hope!