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Life, it is what it is

After a bad fall about a month ago, I’ve been in and out of hospital emergency rooms and spent a little bit under a week in hospital. Lotta good it did, as I’m worse now than I was before I went in. I need in-home care I need help but the doctors keep blowing me off. And my doctor’s nurses, forget about it incompetence galore!

They keep telling me they’ll call me back once they get information about in-home care. Has not happened at all. They don’t even call my prescriptions when they expire anymore. I have to call and remind them. Yeah that helps with my stress level! I’ve been with the same doctor for 17 years!

I can’t even get into what happened in my last hospital visit a couple of weeks ago as it just brings back too many awful memories. Not as bad as back in 2009-2010 but almost.

At this point I’m completely bed ridden, my legs do not work at all I can only move them if somebody moves them for me hard to transfer to my chair I won’t even get into going to the bathroom. LOL that’s way too much information… TMI!!

Bottom line I need home health care, and my doctors are ignoring me and not helping me. So me, being the bitch that I am, I have an appointment with a new neurologist on January 28 and an appointment on the 18th of this month with the new internist. I’m done, and I’m taking charge and taking back my power!

For those who know me, know I’m pissed and when I get pissed I get shit done. They know not who they are dealing with! LOL I’m done believing that this is it for me and I’ll never move again that I’m going to be stuck in a bed the rest of my life.

I Even got my new wheelchair and it’s the bomb, but I can’t even transfer to it. So what’s the fucking point right now!


I really do wonder sometimes… What’s the fucking point!

[sorry for spelling and or grammar mistakes talk text doesn’t always work exactly as it should]

need sleep...

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Hotel Hell update!!

After my blog yesterday, the Fabulous Vicki Day tweeted it to @hiltononline. Well soon after, hiltononline tweeted me asking me to dm them. I did, and after a few dms they called me.

The explanation was, to say the least [the very least], comical! Really, all I heard was blah, blah, blah.

The gentleman who phoned was very business like and polite. I’m sure the typical PR guy. The reasoning behind the reservation person saying that I could reserve the room, but no guarantees, was due to… get this, here it comes… natural disasters! You know, floods, earthquakes, even fires. You see if they guarantee the room and this happens then issues can arise. Seriously… do I sound [or look like] I have STUPID written on my forehead? I mean really, if that happens the majority of people would understand. It was very hard for me to keep from lmao and saying something sarcastic.

Marriott had no problem guaranteeing my room.

I explained that I told the guy [reservationist] that if I got there and the room was gone, I would expect my money back so I could go elsewhere and was told, no, there is a 48 hours cancellation policy. PR guy said that if that happened they would definitely accommodate me and find me the proper room I needed. Now I’m confused, do they not train the reservationists? [maybe Paris trains them, oh wait she does nothing] If the RG [reservation guy] had explained the natural disaster problem [roflmao] I would have said okay! But, I know, from experience that the real issue is someone coming in before we get there, needing a roll in shower and them giving it to that person. How do I know this… because  this was done for me at the Hilton Garden Inn when my friend and I had a mom’s night away. [now I feel like shit for that] We said we would go elsewhere, but he said, no he could change the rooms. Anything for a buck!!

Like the Hilton's need more money... grrrrr

The PR guy also said he would give me their direct number, and in the future I can call them directly and they will get the manager to make sure I get the room reserved. Just train your fucking employees.

So there you have it! Again, all I heard was blah, blah, blah!