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Help Save “Halfway to Home” Dog Rescue!

Please take a moment and watch the video below:

The video explains the peril that Halfway to Home is going through.

I have personal experience with this rescue. My good friend Courtney is a volunteer and two of my ‘fur-kids’ are HWTH rescues. If not for Suzanne and her NO KILL rescue, they would have perished either on the street or by the High Kill shelters. I can not imagine life without them.

Dexter and Charlie, my babies!

The dogs at this NO KILL shelter are taken care of with the highest level of love and compassion. They are clean, well fed, up to date on shots, and always spayed or neutered. This is a travesty of justice.

This rescue, Halfway to Home, helps the County and State by taking some of the burden off of the High Kill Shelters. HWTH is a highly respected rescue and has been a #1 rescue at PetSmart. I am so confused as to how and why anyone could NOT renew their permit. It sickens me to think of all the dogs that will now die in the streets or in the shelters due to this irresponsible decision. I truly hope this decision is re-thought out and that their permit is renewed. How anyone with a heart could do this is beyond my thinking. All I have to do is look into my HWTH rescue dog’s eyes to know this non-renewal decision is truly wrong and inhumane. Is this really what Kern County wants to be known for? I hope not…

Please share the video above, donate to Halfway to Home, let these amazing people and doggies know they are loved.

Click the logo to go to their site!

THOSE WHO WANT TO DO MORE are urged to e-mail a message to The Animal Control Commission at Lorelei Oviatt, Director of Planning & Community Development Department at Scott Denney, Planning Operations Division Chief at Lorine Vasquez, Planner 2 at

 PLEASE help!

Love and Light, Tracy


Please help Lucky!

Click to help Lucky

Lucky is an awesome doggie. I had the pleasure of meeting him personally when we went to the lake. If you are able, please help Erik and Caroline with the high cost of making him all better. Either way Lucky will get what he needs done, but I just want to help them with the costs.

Please click the link above if you can help!


Lucky’s Journey

I have personally met Lucky. He found his forever home with my nephew Erik Bol and his wife Caroline. They are true dog whisperers and now he is home with them and their 5 other furbabies.

Lucky’s diabetes is under control, but he now needs surgery to restore his sight. They have taken on all his costs up to now and will continue to do so. I wanted to start this page to help get them some donations for his eye surgery. I hope you can help this amazing couple! ~ Tracy – A Dog Named Patrick — Below is their story! ?

Background: Lucky was abandoned on the side of Consumnes River on Hywy 49 between El Dorado and Amador County in January of 2010. My brother William Fallscher discovered Lucky on the river’s edge, he was blind, emaciated, ravaged with open cuts and scrapes, and clinging to life. Lucky was rescued later that night by William and my husband Erik Bol. Erik and I (Caroline Bol) gave him refuge in our home so he could have the best chance at survival. Initially, Lucky laid in our garage on a dog bed for close to 3 weeks, unable to crawl more than three feet as not to soil where he rested. He finally was able to officially stand to do normal things, like go to the bathroom and eat food, it was so exciting. During those first weeks a veterinarian visited our home multiple times, her initial estimation was that he had been on the rivers edge for weeks and that it was especially troubling because he appeared to be diabetic and should have died due to lack of treatment, which is more than likely the reason he went blind. We sought to determine the status of Lucky’s health, the vet said she would see what she could do, because of her love for animals she was determined to help Lucky as best she could. Blood work was ran and it was conclusive that he was in fact a diabetic and needed to be treated ASAP. We began treating him immediately for his diabetes, helping him through his recovery.


When we took Lucky into our home he weighed approximately 30 lbs., currently he is at his ideal weight of about 70 lbs. He has completely integrated into our household, plays with our other dogs, and sleeps on a dog bed right next to my side of the bed on the floor. His diabetes is now completely controlled by my husband and I, but he is still blind. Our mission is to give Lucky a second chance at life, ultimately enabling him to see once again. He is the sweetest dog and my husband and I would not have changed anything, we are so happy to have Lucky in our lives. Every time I see Lucky warm and safe in our home, protected from the elements and any wildlife predators that he certainly had to fight to protect his life, I am overcome with joy. He is the ultimate fighter. Unfortunately though, he will remain blind until we can find him some help getting his eyes fixed. Currently he does not see anything and runs into everything. It would be the greatest thing if he could see again.

Vet information: Bronwyn Szignaroitz, DVM- she is a mobile vet, Phone # 916-673-8890

xx, Tracy…