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Dear Anyone Who Wants to Bring Awareness to Discrimination against People with Disabilities

I tried to fly on Southwest Airlines today and had the MOST miserable experience. I have Multiple Sclerosis, as does my friend that I was traveling with (who drove 6 hours from Ohio last night to fly out today) and we were trying to go see our bedbound friend with MS in California. However, my friend who I was traveling with has a severely developmentally disabled son who is 22 years old but has the cognitive abilities of an 18-month-old; therefor he is physically unable to wear a mask. We even brought two doctor’s notes from Bryan’s physicians stating that he requires a medical exemption to the mask, a negative COVID test from with the past week, AND he has already had both COVID vaccinations.

We made it through checking our bags, multiple people at the security checkpoints, and 3 different customer service representatives during our 2+ hours at Midway airport and not until we were literally boarded on the plane (the entire plane actually ready to go) and THEN they conveniently asked if we had paperwork?!?!?!? After presenting them with ALL of our paperwork…they made us wait approximately 15 more minutes before the supervisor returned to advise us that we had to deplane. They forced 3 disabled people off a flight….someone needs to help us share our story so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I would appreciate any help you could offer in helping others like us. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Dear Anyone Who Wants to Bring Awareness to Discrimination against People with Disabilities

  1. Have your friend contact the highest administrative person in the airlines, explain the situation and if there is no resolution, then she should contact the BBB. Were they reimbursed for the flight, all three patrons? That is a very sorry excuse for an airline…that is one of the reasons I don’t fly the friendly skies! 👎🏻 ♥️♥️

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    1. Southwest has not even reached out to try and help. And when they finally got their luggage that they had to go and pick up themselves, one of the bags was broken and the other bag was beat the hell up. Unbelievable.

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      1. I am not super-active on any social media except for professional, but I will pass this story to my friends who have a larger presence. This just can’t be left without a proper responce


  2. I definitely want to see the day when discrimination against the disabled is outlawed. The disabled are the largest minority group in the world, yet they get the least representation! Thank you for speaking out!

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