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Everything happens for a reason…


This everything happens for a reason crap I have a hard time with. There is no good reason that my sister died from cancer, there’s no good reason that I have friends that deal with MS and also cancer. 

There is no good fucking reason that I am bedridden and deal with so much shit on a daily basis. So I am sorry but, everything happens for a reason, is a bunch of bullshit!

And it has nothing to do with faith so don’t bring that crap into this. 🤦🏻‍♀️

And the bottom line is when that “reason” happens, it better be me getting out of this bed standing up and walking all on my own.

People tell me all the time that maybe my reason for this is because I’m vocal and I make people feel like they’re not alone and I can inspire people. Honestly I would do that before I didn’t need for this to happen to be there for others and to help others. So that’s kind of a mute point.  Oh the joys of life! 🖤

Have courage and be kind!

4 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason…

  1. I hear this all the time too and it annoys me also. A friend actually tried to use it to justify my childhood abuse. What possible ‘reason’ could there have been for that? Even if there were a ‘reason’ would they think it an appropriate thing to say if it were them dealing with the fallout? Hugs, my friend.

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  2. There are so many sayings out there that boggles the mind. I guess there have been situations in an individual’s life that warrants it, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. My (and only mine) mantra is do the best I can with what has been dealt me, cry when I need to, scream when I want to, and believe there is a better life after this one.


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