Here’s my MS in a nutshell; cannot walk, cannot sit up on my own, cannot get out of bed without using a Hoyer lift, daily pain, double stoma girl (colostomy, urostomy), numbness, fatigue, migraines, shakes, occasional bedsores, unable to shower alone, degenerative disc, obviously bed-ridden and wheel-chariot bound, drop foot, stiffness, pain, did I say PAIN, living in a prison that IS my body, no independence, unable to drive anymore, insomnia (severe), primary progressive MS (aggressive), hot and cold issues, memory issues, brain fog, kaleidescope eyes, dizziness, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on!

I fight every day, and the fight is exhausting.

I won’t stop fighting.

Hope is paralyizing. I won’t stop hoping.

I want to give up daily. I won’t give up.


I will be strong!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Its great to know that someone else is going through some of the same things as me. It might be small but it was enough to give me strength! Thank you!!

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  2. Ruby Cantu says:

    Today is one of those days….the exhaustion and the insomnia…pure fucking madness. I’m struggling with both, on the one hand I’m so fucking tired it requires energy to even breathe, and I think I should give in to that and let go. Then I try to sleep and nothing happens….and I know what you go through is this but on a higher level X’s a bazillion and on top of that all the other crap. Wish we were closer so we could just have a big ass pity party….my pity parties of one get old. Love ya!

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  3. Mary says:

    And I am here for you every second of every day, you are my friend! ❤️❤️


  4. debjdarby says:

    ❤ and prayers, Tracy.


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