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Ask Me!!

So, my friend Steph wants me to do an ‘Ask Tracy’ sort of thing. For some reason she finds me funny and refreshingly errrr, brutally honest.

Right now I’m pretty much bed-ridden, a prisoner in my own body. The boredom is making me a bit nutty… Even more so than normal. lol So I thought this could be fun.

So, if anyone has any kind of question, ask me in the comment section of this post. Remember, I am brutally honest, so if you do not want to hear/read what I think, then do not comment. 😛


23 thoughts on “Ask Me!!

    1. Neither! lol Hate those shows. But… if I had to choose, it would be The Voice. I’d probably watch DWTS if more people fell and got hurt. 😛


  1. Cool, this will be fun….First off, I am completely bummed out that one of my fave shows, “Being Human” is now ended..did you watch that show? What did you think? I hope The Walking Dead hangs around longer.

    Secondly, they just brought back “24”, any thoughts on this one?

    Lastly, I do know many people like Facebook, I am not a fan in any way, shape or form…do you think it will eventually be phased out along with


    1. Never watched being human, but I might have to Netflix it.

      As for The Walking Dead… this last season has/was been totally BORING!!! I want Carl to get eaten as he annoys the piss outta me. Carol and daryl need to get together and get it on already. Rick has become a whiny beotch. If they do hang around longer, I just hope the writers get their heads out of their asses and turn it up a notch.


    2. Never watched 24. Not a fan of Keifer [sp]

      Hmmm I think FB and twitter will be around for a while. But, like everything else on the net, something new will come along and phase them out sooner or later.


    1. My girl crush is Mariska Hargitay. She rocks and fights for a wonderful cause!! And she’s gorgeous!

      If you had one day left what would you do? Do I know I only have one day left??

      My supra power — TO FLY!!!


      1. I tried watching the show also but then it started getting like that show LOST. What the hell is going on in that town….lol


  2. Ok —-posting it here sense you never answered in my text!! Which boob is bigger, your left or right one?? Lol


  3. Soooo, what do you do when you are bored to tears waiting for a Dr. to find time to get to your room?
    make it good MzTracy.


    1. Well, I tend to go through all the drawers grab all those little wooden sticks, you know tongue depressors, touch everything grab the blood pressure thing see if I get it to work All stealthy like. You know it’s that fear of the, oops what if they walk in the room.
      If they happen to leave my file in the room I look through it to see if they said anything funky about me. LOL so far nothing yet. I do expect to see psychotic or crazy or little off eventually in my file! 😛


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