12 thoughts on “Do you think Casey Anthony is guilty?

  1. Right this is my view from the other side of the pond so bite me but I’m trying to be impartial here.
    First off I think we will see more and more of these kinds of trials as we have so much media and hype before and during the trail it’s like everyone is tried by TV – Facebook and Twitter before they sit in front of the jury so the jury must see all of this pre trail – then everyone based on the TV -Facebook – Twitter evidence convicts – so I think from reading everything that the defence didn’t either have strong enough evidence or they didn’t present it properly as they “assumed ” she would be found guilty and it was sloppy police work.

    We had a murder case here and because the landlord “looked creepy” and was that stereotype “Norman Bates” character he was named and shamed as the murderer – he wasn’t it was the squeaky clean cute neighbour who literally could ahve got away with murder if the murderers girlfriend hadn’t gone to the police as she found some blood splatters …..

    Just my view ……. but feel desperately sorry for that poor child and no justice has not be served


    1. I don’t think they [prosecution] presented the evidence properly. I just wish it had been a mis-trial so she could be tried again. Some of the jurors are saying they feel she is guilty, but needed more. If that is the case they should have had a hung jury. Idiots!

      I too am so sorry that lil Caylee has no justice…


  2. Everyone failed Caylee…and that piss poor excuse for a human being Casey Anthony will get hers in due time….”what goes around, comes around.” I feel her right to have any more children should be taken away.


  3. its not like she is going to get away with it, because when she dies there is going to be true punishment, worse then we can give her here on earth. an eternity of hell for her


    1. Even if it was an accident [which is bs] She put her baby in a ditch, a makeshift grave. She needs to burn. The rest knew and covered it up. I bet my life on it!


  4. that woman is disgusting she is how can you kill youre own daughter and live with it!!! how can she lie every step of the way to the police and still be found innocent was the jury high or drunk


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