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The Crown Fire has made us leave our home. We were evacuated around 8:45pm.

during the afternoon
leaving home

I so get why people do not want to leave their homes and want to stay and fight. I always called those people morons, now I am one of them. The feelings of ‘will my home be here when we return’ is devastating. We packed up our 3 dogs plus our neighbors dog, our cat, Stewie the bearded dragon, and the 5 of us. We headed over to Courtney’s house. Now there are 10 humans, 10 dogs, 3 cats and one bearded dragon. Talk about a ‘full house’! We have no idea when we can go back to our home. I feel sick to my stomach. The fear is overwhelming. I’m trying to keep positive thoughts and hoping that our home will be ok when we are allowed to return.

yellow evacuation areas

I’m not sure what to say… I’m scared, lost, and worried. At least my family is safe!!!

Blessings and Hope

18 thoughts on “Evacuated…

  1. Same here…Glad you and your family and fur babies are safe. I hope your home will be safe as well. So sorry your going thru this. (((Hugz)))


  2. wow, Tracy, I had no idea! I am hoping by the time you read this you are already snug back in your home. Sending up prayers for safety for you, your family, and the others around you.


  3. you Roger, the kids and fur babies are all in my thoughts during this terrifying situation! I am praying your house will be safe.. Hang in there! I love you!!


  4. Please stay safe hunny!! Your family are in my families thoughts and prayers during this time! I pray that your home will be safe during this tragedy! We love you all!! Like Kat said, Hang in there!! Keep us posted ❤


  5. Oh Tracy! i am so glad you are all ok! will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers! love to you all!


  6. Traciiiii!!!

    I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now. All I can offer is my love and prayers for you and your family!
    Be Safe my friend!


  7. Glad you’re all safe, that’s what’s most important! Will keep you in our thoughts until you are able to get back home. Much love to you and all of your family, including the furry kids.

    (((Hugs))) oxoxox


  8. Thank you all so much!! We were told by a friend that we are allowed to go home, but to keep our cars packed and be ready to leave at a moments notice. I’m trying to get confirmation of that.

    I just want to crawl into my bed, pull the covers over my head, and go to sleep for the day.

    Not much sleep last night and not feeling so great today. Stress and fear can really mess ya up!!

    Thanks again!! xoxo


  9. I am so sorry to hear about this…thank God you are all safe and back home, hopefully for good…please keep us updated!

    Many hugs and prayers,


  10. Hey Tracy, Just catching up here at the library while my internet is down. Stay safe and my prayers are with you.


  11. I just turned on the news and saw the fire in Palmdale. I’m happy you and your family are safe, Tracy. Please keep everyone posted.


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