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Ampyra – The journey begins!!

It’s taken it’s merry lil time, but it is happening!! CVS called and they are covering the medication and it will be here tomorrow. It is to be taken 1 pill every 12 hours. I will start tomorrow night so I can set up a 9pm and 9am schedule. I have done the research and found that most of the ‘bad’ side effects are due to not taking the medication on a regular schedule.

Ampyra is the first medication approved for a specific MS issue, walking/leg strength. I am trying to not get too excited as there is the chance it may not help me, but it may!! I have to admit I am nervous and giddy at the same time. Even it just helps me with more leg strength, I will be content. I’m not expecting to start taking it and jumping up and doing a jig. Although, that would be fucking AWESOME!! lol

**don’t get too excited, don’t get too excited!!

woo hoo

Keep your fingers crossed, legs, arms, pray, whatever you do, as tomorrow night as my journey begins!! Thank you!!!

Blessings and Hope!!

15 thoughts on “Ampyra – The journey begins!!

  1. Awesome, but I’ll make sure I run it by you first so you can okay it. I will make sure I have your blessing…not that I see that happening any time soon.


  2. I’m totally happy this Is happening for you Tracy. I hope with all my heart that this medication works for you and gives you the leg strength that you need and want. My prayers are with you on the beginning of this journey.



  3. Really, really good luck on this, Tracy. I know that feeling so well of trying something you know will help, not building your hopes up too high just inc ase, but hoping all the same. You deserve this break, kiddo. Love and support from here to you. xxx


  4. Good luck — you may want to take it earlier in the day (and therefore the night) It may give you a burst of energy that 1. is better used earlier the day and 2. cause you to not be able to sleep. I’ve been on it for about 6 weeks — very subtle improvements but enough to keep taking it…..


  5. So cool! I am waiting for my first prescription to arrive today 7/23. I sincerely hope it helps you and me. I feel like I’ve tried so many things that didn’t do much that maybe this is my time. Good luck.


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