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Thursday nothings

Had our ‘The Padded Room’ show today. All about being a burden. We did get off track a bit, but hey that is real life on real life radio. We do not do scripts as that’s not real life in our opinion. So we just kind of wing it. We always find our way back, so it’s all good!

even Borat gives us 2 thumbs up! woot!

So after the show feeling a bit blah, been a week ya know. Watched ‘Land of the Lost’. Yes, stoopid movie, but I like stupid funny movies. Anything to make me laugh. And there a few parts that crack me up. We also have a ‘Sleestak’ bank signed by Sid & Marty Croft. Hubby did the lighting rentals for the movie. It’s kind of cool and will one day be a collector’s item I’m sure. NRFB [never removed from box]

in’t he cute…

Now, Scream is on the TV!! I love horror flicks. My fav is ‘Thirteen Ghosts’. Finally a good plot, not a typical horror flick. Scream is also pretty good in my book as well. I’m getting sick of the all the 1980’s horror flick re-makes. Writers want all this money yet they can not come up with anything new. Fire em and find new writers. And they are going to strike again? Assholes!

Lately all I want to do is sleep. I so need to get motivated and get some new things in my shop. I did buy a SHAKE WEIGHT… kind of like a a hand job for your muscles. rofl Seriously. Check out the vid:

Just trying it one night, I could so feel it. Although, I will not use in public! A bit cheeky looking and a lil pervy really! 😛

Anywho, not much else happening and my meds are finally kicking in. So CYA!

Blessings and Hope!

7 thoughts on “Thursday nothings

  1. I love your Sleestack! hes so cool! 😀

    I also like the movie Scream 🙂 never heard of Thirteen Ghost, I’m gonna have to look for that one.

    That shake weight looks Interesting, I saw that at Target I believe, humm, might need to try that also….LOL

    Not much happening here either, hope you have a wonderful evening Tracy.
    (((Hugz))) <3<3


    1. Get it at bed bath and beyond. It’s 19.99 and you can do a bed bath and beyond coupon search and get like 20% off. I have tons of them, so if ya want one let me know and I’ll send on to you.

      I can totally feel it, my arms ache…in a good way. I have 2 friends one that lost 16 and and the other 23 pounds in 2 months using it.

      Thirteen Ghosts is awesome!! You must see it if you like horror movies!


  2. Awsome! My arms really need some exercise, I’m starting to get that flab by my armpits..UuUUGGGGGGG!

    Yes, I love horror 🙂

    I don’t remember how much It was at Target, but I will check It out at BB&B. I get coupons In the mail all the time 😀 Thank you Tracy.


    1. It has that guy who played Shaggy in the Scooby Doo movie. He’s awesome in it.

      Also, a corny but actually good one it ‘The People Under the Stairs’


    1. a skill eh!! rofl

      I’ll send ya a couple coupons, I have a ton. Make sure your store takes any and all, like expired etc. My store takes em.


  3. Ahh..Land of the Lost, a classic!…don’t ya love those collectibles…Scream is good, and at least original…I keep telling Steve and his cousin Jim (both have script writing experience and Jim graduated with a minor in Film) to write up some new ideas for horror movies, these young kids are the new and upcoming writers…we need fresh blood..where’s Dracula when you need him?…might try that shake weight..Bob would certainly benefit! ya! XO


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