I had ‘DOH’ brain…

Hubbies birthday was yesterday. I remembered it on Friday. I was so doh about it. Totally forgot the month we are in etc. We do the shopping [grocery] on weekends together. He will drop me at Walmart or Target to get the basics we need while he goes to Sam’s for the bulk shopping.

Saturday comes and I go to Walmart. I get all checked out and think ‘oh shit’ I need a card for my hubbub. So, go wheeling all the way back across the store, find a card wheel quickly back to ck out in garden again and fly outside to where Rog is waiting for me. Then, another ‘oh shit’ moment. What about cake mix!! hmmm he’d notice that. Hopefully there is something at home in the cupboards.

Fast forward to Monday…the 44th birthday of my hubz Roger. Yes, I married a younger man. lol Ok, only a year and a half younger, but younger still! 😛 So, i email him a ‘fart game’ birthday card from Yahoo greetings. What, it was funny! lol Then realize, what are we going to do for a cake? I am not feeling up to driving. [legs weak] He loves cheesecake, but no way to get him one. He deserves cake, so what to do!?

When the girls get home, I call my awesome neighbor and she has Angel food cake mix. Shelby makes the cake, I make a drizzle icing from scratch. [and it didn’t kill us] 🙂 Shelby puts the cakes on the kitchen table, angled with all the bday cards in the middle. We put 4 candles on each cake. Then we wait. On Mondays he picks Ashley up from soccer practice. When he called he said he was coming home first, so Shelby said some story how Ashley wanted him to watch her practice, blah blah blah. [she’s good under pressure like her momma]

I felt so bad that i could not get him his cheesecake or have anything for him [money issues]. Hard to buy for him anyways as he is always with me. lol So, we figure as soon as things get back on track and we get caught up again, it is time for him to get a new truck. His has over 200,000 miles. It is time. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to do this. [crossing fingers]

Meanwhile, back home… They get home and Shelby runs out to get the candles lit on the cakes. By this time daddy knew something was up since she told us we could not come out there yet. lol We finally get out to the kitchen and burst out in song. Be glad you do not have to hear us! But, daddy loved it! He was kind of shocked to see the cakes, asking us how we did it. We’ll never tell. mwaaaahhh He opened his cards from my mom, and the ones from all of us. We downed the cakes and all hung out, fat and happy!! lol All that mattered was the happy look on his face when he walked in.

So even though I had that ‘DOH’ moment, in the end it all worked. It usually does!

Blessings and Peace!

14 thoughts on “I had ‘DOH’ brain…

  1. Awwww, that is so awesome, Tracy! 🙂 And happy happy birthday to Rog, too (hey! my hubby’s name is also Roger! :O ). It sounds like you all had a wonderful time, my friend, and I’m so happy that your hubby took so much pleasure in it. You just rock, lady. Do you know that? *hug*

    As for us, yes, we really did have a great time. The kids are growing so fast – and so is my daughter… It felt sooooooooo good to be with her; I’ve missed her so much…

    Thanks for dropping by and visiting, darlin. It’s always so wonderful to hear from you. *hug*


  2. Happy Birthday to the hubby! Just goes to show how things don’t have to be elaborate ‘events’ to be special and have meaning!

    Pst… we are definitely twins. My hubby is younger too, although he’s three and a half years younger. 😉



  3. Spoons is sooo awesome! I can see how very true it is, too especially when I go through a downward spiral with my ailments. I love ya sista! Good blog!


  4. ok, how weird, am I having a doh moment, I swear, I just posted the last comment under your spoons blog, but when I clicked in to wish Rog a Happy Birthday, there is my spoons comment! God help me! LMBO!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Rog! I love the way you pulled it off, MzT! GREAT JOB!


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