I am having an end of summer 10% off sale in my shop, A Fabulous Flair. Everything is on sale!

I would also like to promote one of my favorite sites on the net, The LightFandango Candle Company . I cannot tell you how amazing her candles are. They keep their smell, they burn clean, and she uses only the best and safest ingredients for her candles. She has Yankee candles beat! They are MADE IN THE USA and with gr8 care and love! I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

Another shop is Cynthia’s Chocolates. Made in Hawaii and made with no preservatives and with made with love. Her chocolates are amazing. My problem is I eat the whole box the minute they arrive. I also do not share!! lol

I hope you get a chance to stop by these shops. You will be glad you did.

Blessings and peace!

9 thoughts on “Promoting!

  1. Boy am I giving you a big hug when we meet next month, Tracy!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I was thrilled to see my name and a link to my site on your blog. And a little preview window when I put the arrow on the link. Now that’s styling.

    You’re the best!


  2. They are awesome Tammers. Ruby, hubby walks in at night and always remarks on how gr8 it smells in the house!!

    Cynthia and Lu, you are both welcome! I would not promote if I did not believe in the product!

    As for the person who commented negatively to this blog, you will NOT be approved. If you do not like a product or shop I recommend then move on. How dare you!!!


  3. Candle season around here is approaching, I burn them every night and all night long as soon as the sun goes down…thank you for the reminder. I have been meaning to check out Lu’s’s site because everyone speaks so highly of the product. Now, chocolates are another story..it is always chocolate season! I already know Cynthia’s come from the most tightly regulated commercial kitchen on her island so that have to be good! And I already know they are GORGEOUS from the pictures, each one like a little work of art.

    Take care Mz T.


  4. TY Vikki!!

    Melissa, candles season is daily here! lol In the summer put them in your fireplace or really anywhere.
    I love the smell of the baked goods ones.
    I just ordered apple pie and hubby said, ‘gr8 now im gonna want apple pie ala mode when i get home!” lol that’s how yum they are.

    I had a coffe candle next to me and almost drank from it. lol
    My dad got a basket from me last xmas and he almost ate one of the small candles, he thought it was chocolate by the smell.

    That’s how gr8 her candles are!


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