Life moves too slowly, yet much too fast…

So many things go on in my mind and more and more I have a hard time of prioritizing them.

I can never seem to find the time to just sit and make jewelry. I get so caught up in organizing it all that by the time i am done with that there is no time left. Then when i have the time the motivation goes buh bye!

We are still waiting to find out if the actors will strike. They and the producers need to make up their greedy minds one way or another. So many are losing their homes due to the BS between the two. The actors are not working much while the ‘talks’ go on, so there is no work for all the ‘little’ people and they are suffering. While the actors live off residuals and have health insurance, all the people that make it possible for them to work are hurting. I would love to see the ‘actors’ rigging their own lighting and doing set design. PUHLEEZE!! Drop a light on em I say. My good friend is about to lose her home due to the slow work. Her hubby is a driver for movies etc. They have 4 kids for God’s sake. Get over the greed, and get back to work!! They are really pissing alot of people off!! Get in new actors and get rid of the old has beens

And why the hell are the bank presidents that screwed us still in command? Why do they have their jobs still?? Fire their asses and hold them accountable!! As for Congress…what the hell are you doing to our country?? I cannot even talk about the incompetence of many of them. Taking from our seniors, our kids…they should be ashamed. Stop lining your friggen pockets and do the right thing. AS IF that will happen. The greed and the power of our politicians is so disgusting. They go along with out Insurance companies and drug companies. How the hell do any of these people sleep at night?? Probably like babies, as they do not give a shit about those they work for!! Our fore-fathers are certainly turning over in their graves. WE the People for the People…

Please President Obama, save our Country and show the strength you so spoke about. Do not become like them. Get rid of those that wish to only line their pockets and watch the ‘people’ suffer from their ivory towers!!

PHEW, that felt good. Sorry to ramble…

Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong. ~Richard Armour

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