Natasha Richardson – A Tragic Loss

I am so deeply saddened by her untimely death. For some reason this has touched me deeply. Maybe because we are the same age, our children are the same ages, we were married a year apart. I know, not all that uncommon. But I have no other reason to feel so ‘hurt’ by her death.

I think it has to do with how it happened, a freak accident. So not fair. She was a vibrant woman with so many more things to do, plays to be in, movies to make. She had a very loving husband and two handsome teen sons. I think I respected her so due to low-key attitude. You never heard the tabloids going after her marriage to Liam Neeson. They were not the media chasers that so many are. They kept a private life, yet had a wonderful public life. That is so very rare these day with ‘stars’.

She was from a fabulous family of great actors, yet did not use it to make her way. She was such a ‘lady’. And ‘ladies’ are so hard to find now-a-days in our female ‘stars’.

I really am tired of hearing, “It was just her time.” I really hate hearing that. Why, why was it her time? Why not the people in prison for doing heinous things? Why was it her time? There is no good reason that it was her time. What it is, it is a terrible tragedy, a freak accident that should not have happened.

I send blessings and my healing thoughts to her family and those who loved her. I pray she rests in Peace.

God speed Natasha!

Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me. The Carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality~Emily Dickinson

One thought on “Natasha Richardson – A Tragic Loss

  1. Tracy- sorry i haven’t visited you for a while.

    people do seem to say the darnest things about death or grief, i think.. it is not an easy subject, really.

    i ought to know.

    Stay well, my dear.



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