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My Radiology reports are ready to be picked up from the Hospital. Roger went to get them as I cannot go near that place. I get chills even thinking about it. Is this was fear feels like? I have felt fear before for tangible, reasons but never for thoughts going through my head.

make it stop!
make it stop

My sleep is off, I wake up nightly from nightmares. WTF!! This does not happen to me. Getting to sleep is hard enough with all the thoughts running through my head. [yes, I do think occasionally] 🙂 Forget about falling back to sleep after a hospital nightmare. It is the same one here, almost nightly with small differences. So not cool!

I’m not sure what to do or where to begin anymore. My MS counselor got me on track with making a list. So, yesterday I made a list of to-dos regarding what I want done due to this terror. As I do them I am checking them off. It did help a bit to calm my mind, but then it comes back at me like a locomotive.

When diagnosed with MS it took so much from me. I fought, and fought hard to regain some of myself from it. After this horrifying experience, I feel like I am right back there again. When will it get any better? Will I ever go back to me?

Blessings and Hope!

**Update – Got all the films, but no written report that WAS asked for. REALLY!! WOW!

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In Dreams – Hell Hospital

Due to my Hellish Hospital stay, I think this dream says it all. I have been having it more than I would like to.

She slowly wheels her chair down the corridor, doors pass, she can hear the laughter, she follows the sound. It is getting louder, the laughter, the muffled voices, she is getting closer, she is at the door. People in scrubs all around, faces lost, standing around the bed, someone is in the bed. She is crying through the sounds of laughter. Her face is cloudy, her face is coming clear. She is no longer in the wheelchair, she is in the bed, crying. Please someone help me…

©February 6, 2010


Blessings and Hope!