My Horoscope and life

PISCES Your mood just doesn’t seem to want to lift itself up very high today — there may be something down deep that’s troubling you. If so, you need to address it, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel.

Wow, spot on today! The problem is figuring out what is troubling me. I have an almost empty feeling and cannot figure out what it could be.  Now do not get me wrong, most days I really am feeling pretty good even with my own personal issues. You have to learn to change and adapt. It is very hard to ‘re-write’ the story you thought you were going to live, but sometimes that is the hand one is dealt in life. But, even when I do my best to be positive, find the good, look for the light, make the lemonade, and all the other cliches we are told, it can still become overwhelming.

I really wish I could ‘lift’ up my mood daily, in a perfect world!  My friend had someone tell them to think positively instead of negatively. Um DUH!!! Really, does this person think she prefers to be negative! Shit happens and sometimes it is bad shit!! I bet the person that told her that has no real ‘chronic’ issues in life. Honestly, I feel those with ‘chronic’ illness try to be more positive than those without so they can find that light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry that sometimes we may sound or feel negative to you. Deal with it or do not ask us what’s up. When you are in a wheelchair and are told to ‘keep it inside’ because medicare and/or private insurance will not warranty it for you, that is BS and yup we may feel negative. I guess it is ok for these assholes to think more about the money than the independence they arre taking from another human being. The next time they go outside and get fresh air and walk to their destination, I hope they remember what a fucking luxury it is. At least that is what my private insurance told me one when i needed a specific wheelchair. The wheelchair I needed was a luxury not a real medical need!! Hopefully no one in their family ever needs this ‘luxury’. What an incompetent asshole! And now medicare is taking from my friends independence. NICE!!

Hmmmm, i guess I know what is troubling me…life!

Blessings and hope!